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Originally posted by Pinky
I likes

Similar to what I'll end up grabbing in a few months.

Couple suggestions. Get a 45-50cfm fan for the AX-7 if you're planning on overclocking, I used a 32cfm and it's not cool enough for 1.8ghz+ range (hence, found me a 50cfm).

Also, for a couple of extra bucks get PC3000 or higher memory (if available). The KT333 board go to 190mhz+ bus speed (with the 1/5 divider) without breaking a sweat, but you have to be certain your memory will go there with the most aggressive timings... again, if you're overclocking this .
45-50 cfm. Please

Get a man's fan 68-80 cfm Can you hear me now?
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