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Garshk, Daniel~. First off, you need to make sure that the voltages that MBM shows are the same that are reported in BIOS. If there are conflicting values, the mainboard's voltage reports and temps should be believed, rather than MBM's.

I don't remember how to use a Multimeter to check on the accuracy of the PS's 3.3v rail. Keeping your hands out of harm's way, putting the Multimeter's red probe into a Female 4-Pin "Molex" plug's hole that the Yellow wire is connected with, and putting the Multimeter's black probe into the Black wire that's NEXT to the Yellow wire while the PC is running gives you an accurate measurement of the 12v rail. Switching the red probe to the Red wire in the Molex connector, and the black probe to the black wire that's next to the red wire in the 4-Pin connector, while the box is running gives you the real value of your 5v rail.

Hope that makes sense!
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