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Originally posted by Random Nonsense
Cloasters, rather than overclocking, why not go for as quiet as possible? I cant believe your sig, a delta on a non-oc'd system? tut tut!

I think you still count as a part of the true faith, if you go the quiet route. But buy a Dell at your peril! The penalty of which is being pelted with AOA's HUGE and highly secret stash of fried hardware until you can no longer function as a human being!
I don't want to be excommunicated! As I have no way(that doesn't cost money) of discovering the true temp of the Durons, I've devised a formula that yields a figure that I think is pretty accurate. I add 5C to what CPU temperature the BIOS reports, or simply add 32F to the room temperature.

Either way, the "true" temp of the Duron comes out to +- 2F of what the other "formula" yields.

How I arrived at this formula is an ancient family secret that will die with me.

Unless someone made up a table somewhere that shows the Delta between what the in-Socket A thermistor reports, vs. what the real internal temp of the Morgan cored Duron, Palomino and Thoroughbred is on MANY different mobo's, what's a mother to do?

This is all preamble to the fact that if I believe "my formulae for CPU temp guesstimation," and why not?-- my Duron's run a bit toasty. Otherwise, I'd use a Caspar Milquetoast "I can't believe there's a CPU fan in this box!" wussy widdle fan.

Truth be told, I could not afford to replace the Original Celly's and PIIIE's that I overclocked for three years. Therefore, I simply got too stressed watching MBM like a hawk. Now I don't have to. I don't OC.

OCing was a necessity, 'cause SwIntel simply charged too much for their processor's. Before AMD miraculously made the Athlon, there was only one "hot" processor. And you paid what Chipzilla wanted, not what they were worth. 220 flippin' dollars for a PIIIE 550. And I burned it up, too. From OCing? Certainly not, Mr SwIndel RMA person!

After discovering that Intel's published Max Allowable CPU Temp was fiction of the first order, the seed was planted. Maybe it was time to take another look at K7's.

Sure, serious FSB OCing yields the best benches. Whoopee. I can remember when 500 MIP's was an impossible dream.
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