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Freeze monster

Ok, im new here, but hoping you guys will be able to help me out here

Here goes the problem:

Computer freezes on boot. But it freezes at random points. Firstly it sometimes freezes after its initilised the mouse. Sometimes it freezes after recognising the drives with the little white line in the top left corner. and sometimes it freezes when it its "resuming windows". I hit DEL - to go to BIOS - it froze in there. I hit F8 to go to the boot menu - it froze there. i think its a keyboard problem, so i swapped the keyboard over with another one - still the same problem. It seems to be completely random at whcih point it freezes.

Im running Windows XP pro. 256MB SDRAM, Celeron 900, on a bad bad mobo (something like e-machines.. but not). THis isnt my main computer, but there is some valuable stuff on the Hard Drive i need.

OH, and another probly quite major point is, that when i tried to put the Hard drive in another computer, it only recognised about 4GB out of the 20GB it shud have done. so maybe i have a broken harddrive as well as something else?

All suggestions gladly taken!

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