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If you're overclocking anything in the machine, take it back down to "stock." If it's already at spec, Pinky's suggestion to clear the CMOS(aka BIOS) makes sense. If you don't have, or can't DL the manual for your mainboard, there should be a three-pin little doodad marked "CLR," with a jumper on it.

Clearing your BIOS is more complicated than simply moving the jumper on the CLR pins to bridge the pins opposite to what the default setting is for two or three seconds.

First, disconnect the power supply from its power strip or whatever it's plugged in to. Then disconnect the 20-Pin ATX power connector that goes from the PS to the mainboard. Wait for fifteen minutes.

Then move the CLR jumper to its opposite position for 2 or 3 seconds. Put the jumper back to default. Plug the ATX power connector into its receptacle on the motherboard. Plug the power supply back into its source of power. I don't know why more than a few handbooks for mobo's omit the necessary steps. Saves ink, I guess.

If this doesn't result in a bootable box, please let us know.
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