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deathstar13 8th November, 2002 05:42 AM

650 tbird temps and questions
ok i just put a 650 tbird in a epox ep-7kxa+

my slotA gorb i bought in another forums classified work be here for another i built my own :) im so clever. anyhow temps seem good so far.30c in bios i did get into windows and sandra said 37c.this is all at stock.

well i needed new install since new mobo.been a beast getting in in too.been at it 3 hours now.anyhow since my hs/f is homemade what is the danger temps for this chip? i never had a tbird and i dont think its like my tbred.

also any advise in ocing it? more than the usuall advise i should say.i do have options for fsb in bios.dont remember exactly but is like 107,120,133 mabey.pretty sure wont do 133 but ill try later.gfd is coming with my gorb,be a week for that.

also i did get windows installed partially and i kept getting wondoze pretection errors wouldnt even boot in.i was thinking heat issues but isnt as bios reported 30c.

just weird such a hard time doing an install.mabey its couse i hate doing em? :rolleyes:

Random Nonsense 8th November, 2002 11:30 AM

Remember, the bios takes temperatures from the air in the socket, not the CPU itself, so it wont be accurate. The "danger" temp would be AMD's specified temperature, which is usually 90 or 95 celsius.

As to overclocking, you wont get much benefit from unlocking the CPU as its already at the 6.5 muliplier, 6 is the minimum I've ever seen work. Just bump up the FSB slowly, checking for stability after every alteration.

Could you post a pic of your homemade heatsink?

deathstar13 10th November, 2002 05:32 AM

well im going for more mhz is why i wanna unlock with gfd,up the multi a getten 30c in bios.its really hard to moniter it since my agp card is half gone.takenit back tomorow. mbm5 takes at least 256 colors to run.

yeh i was thinking the temps werent accurate.but doesnt get too overly how to the touch even oced.getten 113fsb outa .2v overvolt 735 mhz.i didnt even look at what the stock voltage was.thats bad i gotta get that usually more thorough tho.isnt a bad oc just on fsb.

was haveing a hard time with hdd corruption at 114fsb.dont know why unless the hdd is really on its last leg.getten replaced next week.gets my main rigs current hdd.main is getten 2X WD 7200 raid 0.

sorry no camera to show a pic.i think ill be getten one soon.i sell some stuff in another forum so i can really use one.anyhow its a aluminum hs i found on a 21" mitsibishi moniter 6x1x4.i drilled holes in it and screwed it onto the hs plate with as3.80mm case fan mounted on.does the job and is very quiet.

anything is quiet compared to my volcano7+ lol

Random Nonsense 10th November, 2002 05:15 PM

Its a slot A motherboard? Then you are gonna have afew difficulties unlocking! You will need a Goldfinger device, these can be bought but are rare now, so you wouldprobably need to make your own.

Personally I think you may well be up to the limit of the chip, 113mhz is not a huge FSB increase even for the old Athlon chipsets.

deathstar13 10th November, 2002 10:52 PM

well its possable its at its limit. i have no Tbird experiance.
i do have a gold finger coming with some hdd's i ordered.
i think i can bump another 100 mhz with a higher multi.could be wrong tho.

temps seem to be ok as its not crashing while folding.mbm5 says 28c which is impossable.i did make a great hs but not that good.
sandra says 37c which id say is close +-3c id guess.
is just warm to the touch also.

Random Nonsense 11th November, 2002 06:37 PM

warm to the touch means the sink is above body temp (37c) so the core will be a fair it warmer than that.

BTW i doubt its a tbird, i think they were only 800mhz+ SLOT A athlons! Its just a rergular K7 i would expect

deathstar13 11th November, 2002 08:09 PM

this was a question that was posted to the guy i bought it was brand new in static wrap when i got it.

"actually, there WERE slot A thunderbirds.. although you dont really hear much about them... they were extremely limited in availablility and were mostly only distributed to OEM's... they indeed to have full 256k L2 cache." this was posted by a member of my other forums classifieds.
is the link if u have acess privliges. it is infact a tbird tho as sandra reports it also.
A0650MPR24B A
is the processer codes for further info.
i know you arent disputing my words i just put this info above on as it may interest others also.

after a couple nights of folding its 100% stable ar 114fsb@1.95v
741 mhz as my profile now reads.
it gets really decent benchmarks also.memory bandwith is beating kt133@133fsb.

overall i really like doing not to much slower at folding compared to my main rig.

Random Nonsense 12th November, 2002 02:18 PM

fair enough :) Im a bit surprised by the mem benches! what chipset is it on he board?

deathstar13 12th November, 2002 05:42 PM

it uses a via kx133

i also ran a sandra 2003 mem bench while running folding. i think i need to find a pic host to put the link here but ill just tell ya.
1070 int
1044 float

now the question will be how much more i can get with the gfd installed with a few mhz increase.

deathstar13 13th November, 2002 02:26 AM

is there a reason why i cant edit after 10 minutes go by?
i dont liek to post back to back is biggy i guess

anyhow just letten in on some progress.after a day folding again i was able to raise my fsb 1mhz,worked yesterday also.115fsb now.still folding away.:evil:

i never believed in burning in much before,but does seem to be working a little at a time.

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