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mookydooky 13th November, 2002 12:05 AM

LN2 Overclocking results.
It seems a Japanese enthusiast using LN2 has managed to OC his T-Bred 2400 to the ludicrous speed of 2911Mhz at a 224 FSB. A couple others fellas using dry ice have managed to hit around 2800Mhz. DAAAAYAAAAMN!!!

Uncle Bob 13th November, 2002 12:32 AM

Man, that really is something!

cloasters 13th November, 2002 01:18 AM

Japanese PC enthusiast's don't mess around. There was a man from Japan that OC'd a C300A to 800 Mhz using LNO some years ago. His site was in both Japanese and English, and his English was perfect. I wish I'd written down the guy's URL, as he also enjoyed ikebana, if I have it right, which is flower arrangement in the traditional Japanese way. Interesting chap!

LORD 15th November, 2002 05:00 AM

They've updated it with the 2700+@3.3Ghz now. Hopefully they scale higher soon. So that we all don't have to go out and use LN2 cooling. Just to keep up with the Jones's......or New Beetles for that matter.

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