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SteveI 13th December, 2002 05:32 AM

Max Voltage
My AT7 max Vcore was 1.85 running paliminos...
When I installed my Tbred... it will only let me go up to 1.75v. Running 40c under load, heat is not a problem with my new SK7+SF2.

Seems the bios is limitiing the vcore based on processor type... mayebe +.25 over default... I need at least 1.85v.

Anyone know which bridges I need to change to up the default voltage?

I may have to start looking into a volt mod.

kowalski 13th December, 2002 08:07 AM

according to this you need to connect all L11's to give 1.85v

SteveI 13th December, 2002 04:13 PM

Thanks, I love ocinside's guide.... I just could never remember where that guide is when I need it, lol.

I'm gonna run an experiment with my 8K3A... I have this tbred and a AGOIA 1600+, get max speed and voltage for each, and figure out where I get more bang for the voltage.... Then, I'm painting bridges. :evil: :evil:

:( right now, the tbred does 1860@1.75v & the AGOIA does 1750@1.85v.

Holst 13th December, 2002 08:33 PM

There is probably a Vmodd for this board around somewhere.

SteveI 13th December, 2002 08:45 PM


Originally posted by Holst
There is probably a Vmodd for this board around somewhere.
Yeah, I've been tempted to do that for a while now, but I've been too lazy. If closing a single bridge gets me 1.85... I think I'll take it. I'm just glad I got myself an 8K3A... the extra voltage control will come in handy while testing out the max capabilities of my CPUS. :)

kowalski 13th December, 2002 08:46 PM

here's one

it's for kx7-333 and at-7. pics are of kx7. dunno if it's any use good sir...?

SteveI 14th December, 2002 10:52 PM

Tried the voltmod, but couldn't get the SMD grabbers... so I had to settle for painting the L11 bridges.... I got to 1.85v, but I'm disappointed that the cpu cannot do 1913.... 11.5x166, very dissapointed.. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope it will do 1900 at least. We'll see. If it does, I won't waste time putting it in another board.

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