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Invalid 9th January, 2003 06:38 PM quick please guys...
hi all,
my PC restarted when i was saveing the changs in BIOS and now everythin boots up....but theres no display on the screen, i checked my VC and its fine (sorry if u read this in my other post)...if i got a new BIOS chip could this solve the problem...if so can someone please tell me were i could get one from in the UK cus ive looked everywere:(


WinXP 9th January, 2003 08:07 PM

You can get a bios chip here an claims to do international orders. Just e-mail him he responds quickly.

bldegle2 10th January, 2003 03:03 PM

when you do get the
bios traightened out, flash with the computer running @stock setting for safety.

i avoided this last night, flash stopped in the middle of the string display (i wuz flashing running 13x215fsb), i waited for a half hour, still a no go.

reboot, knowing the consequences and figuring i will need a need bios chip. luckily, i flash with a bootable floppy, and there was enough of the bios left to allow a dos boot to the floppy after i changed the clock jumper to 100fsb on the board (8k3a+),

then, thankfully, i reflashed, got the bios straigtened out and am luckily and happily on my way again.

i never use the alt-f2 method.

saved barely this time, didn't pay attention to my own rules.


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