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69690101 21st January, 2003 07:25 AM

Overclocking an Amity VP
I have an Amity VP (Mitsubishi)

It runs an AMD processor (I forget the exact details , if needed I can find out) and I am curious as to how I would overclock it.

Does anyone know anything about these?


Daniel ~ 21st January, 2003 09:50 AM

It would have to have overclocking features in the BIOS for you to do so. Are their Front Side Bus adjustments?

Holst 21st January, 2003 11:24 AM

Ive never heard of it.

If you can give us some more system specs then we may be able to help.

timbob2469 24th January, 2003 03:18 AM

I just looked it up out of curiosity , is this the pen based pda? 5x86 cpu , 133mb ram , 9" x 6" tablet type pc ? if so you have got to be kidding , right? Everyone knows how to overclock them baby's , More voltage= more performance.

timbob2469 24th January, 2003 03:20 AM

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