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graftonater 22nd March, 2003 01:32 AM

Wierd prob
i have been able to play quake 3 engine games for a long tim on my systemm, however after making the following changes (upgrade drivers to modded 3.2 cat drivers and overclcok from 13*166 to 11.5*200) they crash on the first step of thge initiallizing box screen, (ill provide screen shots if any1 wants them) i have tried to fix both of these by reverting back to old drivers and also putting my fsb back to wut it was, other games work but just not these =(....any advice people?

EDIT: original quake 3 works after about 30 secs of running :/ all others crash my comp :S

UPDATE: all proggys work but after about 60 secs loading where a process called system takes up like 90% cpu times

Lord Vetinari 22nd March, 2003 02:03 PM

Assuming you are currently running your before overclock/driver update, default status, Just wonder if you might have corrupted some files- either game files or windows files. Might be worth checking if a game reinstall works first.

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