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$ilent$uicide 27th July, 2003 09:45 AM

Asus A7N8X rev2 and XP3000 (400FSB) OC help!
Hey ive just got this system like a week ago and i was wondering if any of you have this particular board or CPU, as im trying to figure out why i cant get it past 210 FSB. I have tried a variety of mem settings voltages etc etc but 210 is highest stable oc. Now i have heard of the chip needing to be burned in slowly, but will that really make that big of a difference. Fire away! :rolleyes:

mental 27th July, 2003 02:23 PM

Hi i had the Asus A7N8X now my wife has it. I had a twilite zone sortta bios as far as saving the settings the jumper started to get were marks on it from me pulling it off so mant times. As far as a burn in time 4 a cpu i always install an crank it up never had a proulblm hope i helped.

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