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$ilent$uicide 27th August, 2003 01:20 AM

Xp3000 (400 Fsb) Oc Help!!!!
I need someone with this cpu (XP3000 400fsb) that has it overclocked, to tell me how, and how much you were able to overclock it. I have/had this same cpu but was only able to get it mostly stable at default multiplier (10.5) and 210fsb mobo, mem was at 2,3,3,6 and mostly default voltages....anything higher on the volts would cause restarts and occasionally bsod's. At 210fsb everything seemed stable but i could not run Prime95 for very long without it comming up with errors, this cant be the maximum that this cpu can overclock is it 2210mhz at 10.5 x 210??? :confused: A while ago in another forum i occasionally posted my cpu overclock problems, the general consensus was that i RMA it for another one and hopefully this time the new one will get better results from overclocking. Taking that advice i indeed did RMA it and am currently waiting for the replacements arrival (crap my new Sapphire 9800 256mb card showed up the day after i sent the cpu in :rolleyes: ) Anyway if anyone else has had similar results or better results please tell all. k thnx :p

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