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deryl88 29th September, 2003 02:58 AM

Help selecting nforce 2 MBoard for Upgrade suggestions Please
I Have a MSI KT4 ULTRA MB (the week link),a Barton 2500+ oced to 2.22 at 1.65v cooled to 33 c with a thermaltake Volcano 9. 2/ 256mb cards of OCZ PC3200 clocked at 2x177mhz. 500 watt power supply, and a PNYgeforce4 Ti4200 not oced. I realize that the Via chipset is restricting me. I really can't push the bus speed like I want to because I cant lock the pci bus. The AGP is running at 70mhz, and the PCI is at 35mhz. I'm comfortable withe AGP but the pci is bothering me.
I need some suggestions on a new MB. I want a Nforce 2 ultra 400 but the selection is slim.So Far. I will settle for a Nforce 2 rev.2. The Question is which one??? I need alot of versitilty and stability. Something
I can really crank the bus up on and OC the hell out of it. If the MB does well, I'll get a Vantec Tornado. Im not to keen on the exotics; water and peltzer cooling. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Deryl88

funnyperson1 29th September, 2003 05:51 AM

Abit NF7-S seems to be the favorite Nforce2 nowadays. Im happy with my shuttle for 60$.

Daniel ~ 29th September, 2003 06:03 AM

I can't make any comparisons as I only have an 8RDA+, but I'm more than happy with it.

Allan 29th September, 2003 08:59 AM

I've had both 8RDA+ and now NF7-S. Both are great boards, you won't go wrong with either one, IMHO.

The Abit lets me use higher FSB, but I think that is because I had one of the older versions of the EPoX.

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