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purplemohawkman 1st November, 2003 10:02 AM

"what the ******, Over"
if any one can help me figure this out it would be apreciated. ok i did a cpu swap w/ my brother xp2700 for new barton 3000 but his mobo is going mentel w/ it. he's running a MSI K7T266 Pro2-A w/ the newest bios which is supposed to support even that new barton 3000. ok sounds like no problem right, on first boot it reads cpu as a xp1500 that w/ auto multi and 100fsb and showing clock speed of 1.3ghz. k so you figure a 2700 is on the 333fsb core so just crank the fsb on board to 166 and bingo you should be able to get the default clock speed of 2.17, well not exactly, after reboot it still shows 166fsb in bios exept the 2700 is now not a 1500 like above but is magicly a 2100. but in windows it shows the clock speed as like 1.45ghz or something close to that, and 3d mark says the mobo is only running a 111fsb, so with the a little math we get the first underlying issue the mobo's not detecting the correct Multi. 2700's got a 13.5x and its giving a 13x off the mobo. but anyone w/ a little oc'ing experience knows that really doesnt make a whole heapin lot of difference. y the 111fsb when bios is @166. so i decided to to just keep uping the fsb till got to were i needed to be despite the craziness of the mobo, so up we go, all the way to 210fsb strait shot none of that small step crap, what do we get? not much, once again 3d mark says its running @ a 153fsb and @ 1.98ghz. so i'm still in square 1 cause i havent got to the default cpu speed. SO whole crazy multi thing lets try the good old wire trick of unlocking 5x-12.5x, it worked in mine surely it sould work w/ his, how many strikes am i up to, n e ways add another. so after a quick bios clear and the pain in the butt task of taking off the waterblock and bla bla bla for the wire mod, after start up still in square one w/ the 1500 and the 1.3ghz. so i now change the multi, 11x sounds good, omg no post so w/ that said im stuck any one got a good guess as what to do.

MiGGinZ 1st November, 2003 12:47 PM

your board and chipset do not support barton or 2700XP

the KT266 chipset wont crank that high and AFAIK the 3000 is a 200mhz FSB part.

you need a new mobo.

bldegle2 1st November, 2003 02:28 PM

did you try the 3000+ in the setup that is experiencing all the problems, just to see if it ran like you said in your post with the current bios, might just give you some answers.

yes, the waterblock is a pain, but you knew that went you switched over to water cooling.

and, ditto on the 266 part, could be a major road hazard.

anyway, just a suggestion.

good luck. :D



Originally Posted by MiGGinZ
your board and chipset do not support barton or 2700XP

the KT266 chipset wont crank that high and AFAIK the 3000 is a 200mhz FSB part.

you need a new mobo.

SteveI 1st November, 2003 03:05 PM

A decent KT266, (non "a") mobo will most likely not overclock over 150fsb. Also, I find it very difficult to believe that a bios update would make the mobo compatible with barton, or newer 'tbredB' for that matter. KT266 is Via's first attempt at DDR, and does not even have a 1/5 pci divider.

Could you doublecheck the specs of your mobo. The odd behavior may be caused by the 166 default fsb on the CPU... I tend to think the mobo is unable to understand it.

LutaWicasa 1st November, 2003 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by purplemohawkman
he's running a MSI K7T266 Pro2-A w/ the newest bios which is supposed to support even that new barton 3000.

Nope...........look here and you will see that the Barton is not supported. Kinda surprised it was able to boot at all ;)

purplemohawkman 1st November, 2003 05:44 PM

i havent tried the barton in his machine it was getting late but heres the link to msi's bios updates, it claims to do so and the previous one before makes it support up to xp2600:
but im considering maybe doing a the wire mode to up the Multi manually then run a low fsb, go here: and it shows how, if i do a multi of 16.5 and use the default 133 fsb i get 2.19ghz. so in theory it should work. but i'll cross my fingers, on the subject on my barton i see all the time people w/ speeds on theirs of like 2.5 on air and i get to about 2.3 (11.5x200)and cant run eather 3d mark and @ 2.4 (12x200) will start windows but soon crashes, so im like wtf my H2O can cool more than air. but got the vcore to 1.85v which im liking this barton cause even @ 1.85 it runs about 5 degrees cooler than that 2700 @ 1.7v which is a nice plus but im not getting really any more clock speed out of it and other than the extra cache its like whats really point. so could someone please explain that or just call me a retard for missing something then explain it

dabaerman 1st November, 2003 05:54 PM

actually. it's

Barton is still not supported, only up to 2600+

dabaerman 1st November, 2003 06:03 PM

purplemohawkman was posting while I was looking
it up. I have three KT266 Pro2's that are going to
be for folding soon!

purplemohawkman 1st November, 2003 07:14 PM

ok you guys i posted that i was going to try for 16.5x133 on my 2700 in my k7t266 pro2a using the good old wire pin method well success not only does the board recongnise the cpu its actually thinks its a xp2800 so it is possible to get compatability between the old and the new but if anyone got any helpful hints about that barton 3000 im sittin on in id like to get that that up higher the *****wussy speed im running @ now

Aedan 1st November, 2003 09:24 PM

I think there's a clue in the BIOS upgrade text to be honest...


Support AMD Barton XP3000+ (FSB333) CPU (For KT3 Ultra2 Only)
Note that there's two varients of the MS-6380E PCB board, one with the KT266A chipset, and one with the KT333 chipset. The KT333 chipset has support for the Barton's 333MHz FSB, whereas the KT266A chipset does not.

IE, to sucessfully use Barton chips, your board needs to have the KT333 chipset onboard, as well as the BIOS upgrade.

timbob2469 2nd November, 2003 01:41 AM

And the xp3000+ in question has to be the 333FSB flavor. A helpful hint would be to return that cpu for an xp2500+ ( that will overclock to xp3200+ speeds) and save yourself a couple hundred dollars, ( which can be used to buy a new motherboard and some really good ram ).

purplemohawkman 2nd November, 2003 04:37 PM

im not having probs w/ the barton in my machine, i was have a prob getting a 2700 to run in a older mobo that wasnt 333fsb compatable but fixed it by unlocking the multiplier to 16.5 and then running a 133fsb but if my nforce2 mobo didnt support that barton i wouldnt have got the barton i just didnt realize that my old 2700 wouldnt work in his computer w/ out the unlock. so no need to get a new mobo and better ram would be pointless too 512mb of matched corsair xms pc3200 which can easily do over 200mhz so im asking wtf on how to keep such i high oc stable on even something like xp2500 @ xp3200 speeds, because if a 2500 can do 3200 then a 3000 should be able to reach much higher. hell i still got my old xp1700 and was never able to get it up to the speeds that people that people claim to get theirs. so eather im missing something, not doing something, doing something i shouldnt. so can so many do what i can not

timbob2469 4th November, 2003 06:21 AM

1 Attachment(s)
"because if a 2500 can do 3200 then a 3000 should be able to reach much higher"
Well if that was possible someone would have posted it either here at AOA or some of the other forums that I belong to, such as:
RebelsHaven, OCWorkbench,NForcersHQ,,MSI official forum,Extremesystems ,and a couple more, I really have few doubts that at this time 11/03/03 , that there is a better barton core for overclocking than the xp2500+ with the correct steppings ( production code numbers).
Your ram IS probably good, but you won't know until you put it to the test.
" How to keep such a high overclock stable"?
1. A really good psu, ( voltages within spec under 100% load )
2. Sufficient cooling. cpu, Northbridge, Southbridge, mosfets, case.
3. testing and more testing. find the sweet spot by finding the unstable setting and backing off a notch.
"i still got my old xp1700 and was never able to get it up to the speeds that people that people claim to get theirs".
A lot of that might be because the xp1700+ cpu's that OC so well are of a certain stepping code AXDA ( not AX )--JUIHB ( not xxxxA) and from certain production weeks.
If you want to "do what so many others can", well the best advice I could give is to read up at this forum, ask questions , don't give up. The answers are here, free for the taking, It is a win-win situation, When ( not if )you succeed, everyone who helped or tried to help, gets a kick out of it, (At least I do ). Attached is a cpuid benchmark, I can get that far with my xp2500+, BUT it is not stable, It fails Superpi after about 1 second, I didn't even bother trying any other benches because that is what I use first to test. When I back it off to 202 FSB X 12 ,It passes everything I throw at it.

purplemohawkman 4th November, 2003 03:14 PM

so is it more just the luck of the draw on what cpu u get as far as the stepping code or the production week, cause hell you could go trough a hundred cpu's before you stumble upon good one. as far as psu's i dont know whats really good, im guessing my antec true430 is decent but i've noticed that the voltage fluxuates by about +-.04v in the bios, so any suggestions on a better psu will be well taken, as far as cooling goes im running a innovatek H2O system which im guessing is more that sufice for oc needs. with that in mind should i invest in another waterblock to cool the Northbridge??? and whats the mosfets, as far as ram is conserned, i got corsair pc3200 would it be better to invest in some 3500 for running over 200mhz and im thinking about changing mobo's to my MSI nforce2 stoppes @ 200mhz for the cpu so when i do something like 11.5x200 that puts it on the edge of the cliff so to speek. i picked up a Shuttle N2 board but it hates me, any change i make in the bios causes it not to post. so its going back after i type this. think i may spend a few extra bucks to get a abit nf7-s but need to get going

timbob2469 4th November, 2003 06:03 PM

purplemohawkman, well if you order from a place that lists the steppings and guarantees them to be as advertised you will be ahead of the game. I bought my last 3 cpu's from
-1 x AMD Athlon XP2100+ 1.73GHZ 384K 266 Tbred B (TRAY) (AIUHB:0249) () = $101.99
-1 x AMD Athlon XP1700+ 1.47GHZ 384K 266 Tbred (TRAY)(JIUHB:0310XPMW) () = $63.00

-1 x AMD Athlon XP2500+1.83GHZ 512K 333 BARTON(Tray)(AQXEA:0332TPMW) () = $91.50
Yeah, your psu sounds good because ( this is copied and pasted)" . ATX 2.01 specification requires this rail to be within +/- 5%. At the low end of the spectrum, the minimum reading for the +3.3V rails should be no less than +3.135V while the +5.0V rail should be no less than +4.75V."
And with your h2o cooling, I'm still on air so you are ahead of me there.
Click on the "see pic" hyperlink in my sig, the mosfets are the row of 6 components near the ATX power connector, I did not khow what they were or called less than a year ago , but if you look , mine are cooled passively ( without a fan ). My Norhbridge is now cooled actively ( with a fan ).
If you are going to get the A*** NF7-s , get the version 2.0 which is also available here , and guaranteed to as advertised.
look here:
I would recommend getting the bios saviour for the extra $6.99 on that page.

purplemohawkman 4th November, 2003 08:03 PM

got a new abit nf7-s v2 and all i have to say is holy jumpin jebus on a pogo stick. had to speed about an extra 50 bucks over the return on that shuttle should be called "****'tle" exept for the fact a what one of their shoeboxes. ok on the other note on the amd stepping is it all the ones w/ those stepping or just the ones you stated, in other words if you get a barton2500 aqxea will it operate the same as a barton3000aquxea

purplemohawkman 4th November, 2003 08:27 PM

and i forgot to ask what the advantage of cooling the mofsets???

timbob2469 5th November, 2003 06:27 AM

cooling the Northbridge, southbridge and mosfets will add stability to your overclock. I did the voltage mod on my 8RDA+ ver. 1.0 , it was 1.56volts out of the box new, and I couldn't get past like 185 FSB in synchroneous mode ( memory running at 100% of cpu speed, or 3/3, 5/5 setting on your Abit NF7-s in bios ), but the mod allowed me to turn up the voltage ( and the heat ) for the chipset, now @ 1.9volts. This shows up as core 0 in MBM. So I had to put on a better cooler in all 3 areas to be stable at the now reachable 200+ FSB. By the way, I just ordered the NF7-S ver.2.0 with the bios savior for $113.00 at excaliber. Should be here by thursday, FREE upgrade to 2nd day air offer, They called me to verify address ( business address ) 15 minutes after placing the order. I asked about the Abit T-shirts that where out of stock and sales said they would try and scrounge up a couple of freebies from other MFG's. We'll see.
Oh, on the steppings, not all cpu's are created equally, but some batches overclock better than others. Those steppings I bought where picked as suggested at this forum, I guess it just so happens that Excal had/has them. This page still lists the xp2500+, but it looks like all the 1700+'s and 2100+'s are gone now.

purplemohawkman 5th November, 2003 12:25 PM

you'll like that abit board, it makes me wish i had originally gotten one of those instade of the Msi i originally bought, but it litterally makes sweet love with your processor for overclocking goodness, so to speak. but w/ this board ive gotten that 3000 up to an unstable 2.6ghz got into windows but was unable to benchmark it froze about half way through i just didnt have time to tweak it yesterday i had to get some sleep b4 work but at the moment im sitting at @2.5ghz which is still nice over the 2.17 and w/ this board you can up the vcore to 2.3v. where as my msi only went to 1.8v. but im running @1.9v for the moment till i have time play. im just stund by this board though especially over that msi nforce board. that other mobo would barily get me to 2.4ghz unstablely so i ususally kept it about 2.36 to achive good stability. but i'm going to try and figure out someway to cool my mosfets their in a strange configuration w/ the compasitors on the board and the other problem is i think im out of dremal cutting disks to mode some sinks for them

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