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graftonater 24th November, 2003 10:45 PM

ok so basically i am looking for my first watercooling system...been using air atm for 1 year.....ASUS a7n8x (rev1.4) gfx card not o/c (9700 pro) 2100xp pro running at 194*12 (2328) 512 mb 3200 twinmos w/winbond ram, and basically its vv noisy with my sk7+ and 45 cfm fan, i jst need a recommendation for a really good water cooling system...budget is not so much of a worry just nee one that will do a very good job and sint too noisy.....any recommendations or guesess of how mch harder i cld push the rig?

funnyperson1 26th November, 2003 12:44 AM

I think the best resource for you would be this page here:

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