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WonderBread 27th January, 2005 03:53 AM

which of the thoroughbreds run the hottest? i have a Tbred-b 2400 and it runs about 48 idle @ 11*380 w/AS5 and Vantec Tornado

cadaveca 27th January, 2005 04:21 AM

T-bred 333mhz fsb 2600+ w/256 L2. 53 idle 64 load w/ volcano11. Stock frequency. 73 load with stock fan....stable as a rock. Overclocks to 2.363ghz (11.5x205)on air, 1.75v. Awesome chip. Silicon is bright red in colour.

chile 27th January, 2005 04:23 AM

what kind of hs with the tornado? my 1700 runs 28C idle @ 2 GHz 1.55V...

dsio 27th January, 2005 04:28 AM

the Tbred A 2200+ was a steamer, first of the .13 micron cores and it was expected to be "the" overclocker just like the northwood P4s had been after their dieshrink. On AOA there were alot of people talking about how they preordered them and couldnt wait for a 50% overclock. they were wrong. AMD changed provided a custom HSF with their later 2200s which had a copper slug fused into the base in the hopes that it would improve stability on those chips. 1.13Ghz P3, 1.4Ghz AMD T-bird, 2200+ Tbred A, entire prescott series. all have something in common and it isnt OC ability :rolleyes:

cadaveca 27th January, 2005 04:29 AM

Your temp reporting on that board is corrected to show the proper onchip temp, however, once you start overclocking, your temps will not show right. As long as you do not hit over 55-60 under load, don't worry about it. You could scale higher should you cool it more, but it depends on what your priorities are.

WonderBread 27th January, 2005 04:52 AM

The tornado is on a silent boost heatsink. The temp above was at idle fan speed.

chile 27th January, 2005 05:37 AM

stability is what you're really looking for and altho, everyone (me, too.) preaches cooler, cooler, cooler...if you're within specs and stable, what more can you ask for?

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