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Undertaker 21st April, 2005 09:42 PM

What's ur bios settings?
Hi guys, nice looking forum u got here.

Anywhoo, Ive done some searching on google and even some trial and error with my bios and I still dont think I got my bios set up just right.

Im wondering what settings u guys have for ur cpu ratio, votages and clock speeds, etc. I think I can mess around with my video bios settings myself...Im guessing u guys have your settings set up just right. Ive tried using software off of google to adjust perfomance but I dont notice much. Maybe its my bios, or maybe there is better software, any recomendations?

I currently have multiplier x10 (2000) and clock speed at 200 and voltages at defaults.

I dont think my computer specs. are that uncommon, so I thought it would be ok to get some bios ideas to make my settings....optimal.

My specs.

-Soltek SL-K8TPro-939 (for Athlon 64 and 400 DRR RAM, I installed the drivers and updates from Soltek)
-Amd Athlon 64 3200+ 939
-1 gig Ram 3200 400Mhz
-Sapphire Ati Radeon 9800 Pro/380Mhz 256MB DDRII/680Mhz 256-BIT (Im gonna try and flash it to XT, I think)
-Lg Dvd burner
-160 gig WD 7200rpm/8 buffer

And sorry to be a bother, but there is a problem on boot up. Screen says my RAM is DDR 333 when it should be 400MHz. Maybe my bios isnt set up right to be fast enough? But I would like to use my Ram to full potential :) Actually getting everything working at full potential would be awesome.

Thanks for any advice. :drink:

cloasters 21st April, 2005 11:16 PM

Wecome to AOA Forums, Undertaker!

The best guide to BIOS I know of is found at .Click on "BIOS Opt Guide" in the left sidebar.

noorman 22nd April, 2005 12:57 AM

known problem
look here:

bios w1.3 has mention of DDR400 incompatibility correction ...

if you flash, flash to W1.4 (latest)

do you have 2 identical sticks of RAM ?
best for dual channel work ...

try the above & let us know how it goes

Undertaker 22nd April, 2005 05:32 PM

Thanks for the link I read up more on the bios, however Im still confused on how much I can increase the clock speed and voltages.

And I flashed my bios with the upgrade on the sotlek website, everything went smoothly. I also have 2 sticks of identical ram, I put them in slots 1 and 3 for dual channelness.

Check here for a pic on my current bios settings. U think thats good or could i increase it more safely? And a pic of what dos says on boot.

noorman 22nd April, 2005 05:49 PM

I haven't got your type of board, but how far you can go depends on lots of things;
the mobo itself, your PSU, the temperature in your room, case ...
the quality of your Case(-cooling), CPU cooler, NB cooler, etc.
settings regarding Voltages for CPU (Vcore), Chipset, Memory, ...
settings regarding memory timings ...

If you want to go extreme, you 'll need watercooling ...

so, it 's an adventure of discovery (after a good read-up), but it 'll be worth it !

Testing with Memtest86, CPUstress, ...

Undertaker 23rd April, 2005 12:49 AM

I guess Ill just fiddle with the bios speeds some more. They seem to be fine right now as in the pic.

But do u guys might know y Ram is showing up as 333Mhz?

The ram i bought is this

cloasters 24th April, 2005 02:00 AM

Hmm. I can't really tell from the pic of the DIMM, but it doesn't look like its using Samsung chips(the PC-3200 chips should, or used to be printed with "SEC" and "TCCC.")

cadaveca 24th April, 2005 03:15 AM

those sticks should be tccc. they aren't very fantastic performers, until you give them 3.1v, and then they need a big big fan blowing on them so they don't melt. :D

you should have a menu there that says advanced options, and then a page to set up your memory correctly. From what i saw of the pictures of your bios, you are slightly overclocked, and the ram itself should be @187mhz or thereabouts. It's that that is probably keeping your system stable, as that set of ram that i have are very poor performers over 200mhz.

The best thing for you to do at this point is sit down with your manual, and read up on the bios settings, and what you can change. If you are planning on some overclocking, getting familiar with those options can only do you some good.

That being said, LDT, mem speed(or divider), mem timings, HTT(FSB) and multiplier are about the only things you need change, beside voltages, of course. UP the HTT a few mhz at a time, and test for stability. When stability is gone, up voltages to see if it helps...sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.

Lowering the values for all of the things i mentioned, besides memory timings, will help you determine what need more juice, or a different setting, if you keep one of them at default or higher. You really need to isolate everything, and then find an easy "middle ground" for all of those settings' possible maximums, as sometimes raising one will affect another.

A64 overclocking is easy with winchester, which you probably have, however, if you have a newcastle, don't expect too much unless you go to watercooling, or better. winchesters should avg about 2500mhz on air, newcastles 2600 on "big-boxed" water kits, and clawhammers 2700-2800. keep in mind that those are averages, and only the raw mhz of the cpu...playing with the LDT and HTT speeds affect how high you can go in mhz differently with each cpu...and not much else really plays a factor, besides the obvious enemy, heat.

Rondog 24th April, 2005 09:35 AM

I must of got a good NewCastle then. I got 2600mhz in 754.

Undertaker 29th April, 2005 11:48 PM

Thanks for the replys I did some testing and read my manual some more. I fixed the ram problem. Gave the ram some more juice, now regesters as 400 MHz. :D

I got my bios settings at values that I can live with and are stable. Check my updated pictures here.

Everything seems to be ok. The cpu temp looks good. I just dont want to damage anything.

As an example, I was looking at Rondog's specs. we both have amd 64's and he has (11x230.5) = 2535 Mhz and I have (14x215) = 3010 Mhz. I'm really overclocked compared to him or what? Is there a difference in upping the CPU clock or CPU ratio, or does it work out to be the same. Like Rondog could change it to ~(13x200).

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