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Cproflow 19th September, 2005 04:24 PM

Corsair PC3200XL: which version does New Egg have?
I heard there is a pretty big difference in the OC ability of this TCCD between the original v1.1 and the v1.2. Does anyone know if New Egg is selling the more preferable v1.2?

Here it is:

If you look close at the pic, it says 1.1 (but it may be an older pic)

45 Auto 19th September, 2005 06:01 PM

It all depends on what they have in stock, and what the order puller grabs. You could get either one.

BTW: your link doesn't seem to work.

BobyJo 20th September, 2005 01:22 AM

Why not save yourself a couple bucks and get the Patriot XBLK.
The two 512mb sticks are about $155.00 last time I looked.
They are TCCD chips on BrainPower PCB's and will run up to 220 htt at 2,2,2,5 (default), set the memory to 2.5,3,3,8 and the same memory will go to DDR600.
A lot of persons with the DFI boards are using this memory.
Great Stuff, best heat sinks on memory ever looked at and looks great in your case also.
Just don't have a bunch of blinking lights on them.

cloasters 20th September, 2005 04:35 PM

No blinking LED's? Whaaaa! Sarcastically speaking.

BobyJo 20th September, 2005 05:18 PM

Was just being facishias.
Never sarcastic from this end.
Just a bit of advise to save a buck or two and get maybe a better product also.

Cproflow 20th September, 2005 06:05 PM

BobyJo--going the Patriot XBLK route was Plan A, but I hit some snags and got frustrated. The first set they sent had a bad module, so I RMAd it. The second also started immediately throwing errors, much to my dismay. I even had in run Memtest last night, and woke up to 36 Test #5 errors. I've tried upping the vdimm to 2.7 and even 2.8 (that was for last night). Prime 95 runs about 3-8 mins tops. This is all at stock speeds, no OC. I actually looped test 5 for several hours and came back with several hundred errors.

I inserted some Corsair from another box and everything runs fine (0 errors Memtest, Prime95. So, I think the system is OK, just having memory problems).

So, as far as I can tell, I've got 2 bad sets of XBLK sent to me. What are the odds eh?
Kind of bums me, as I really wanted it to work

So, I decided to go with this Corsair if I can get the v1.2. This RAM isn't the pro version, so it doesn't have all the Xmas lights going all over, which is fine with

BobyJo 20th September, 2005 07:37 PM

Why not put a sig together so we will know what system you have.
You may have something that we need to go to Patriot's site and see which memory is for your system board.

Cproflow 20th September, 2005 08:13 PM

Allrighty....hopefully my sig will show up for this system in question.

Certainly, any insight as to why the XBLK isn't happening for me would be welcome. I've just about scratched my head to death on this one.

ps. the XBLK also throws mucho errors when placed into an otherwise "clean" and stable rig (the one where I pulled the Corsair from).

I have yet to send back the 2nd set of XBLK, as I'm waiting for my Corsair PC3200XL to arrive in a few days. I really want to get to the bottom of this.

45 Auto 20th September, 2005 08:20 PM

One thing Cproflow. When you had the patriot xblk ram, did you happen to try switching the ram around. It's been found that which stick goes into the first slot can have an effect on how the memory works.

For example, with my LE series ram the sticks are numbered with the last 2 digits being 80 and 81. If I have stick 80 in slot 1, and stick 81 in slot 2 the ram passes memtest at 300mhz. However, if I reverse the order and put stick 81 in slot 1 and stick 80 in slot 2 the ram shows errors in memtest at 300mhz.

BobyJo 20th September, 2005 09:12 PM

I went to Patriot's site to see what memory they recommend for the Epox board.
Very strange the XBLK is NOT recommended for your board. The only memory they recommend for your board is;;
Patriot Signature DDR 1GB CL3 PC-3200 (400MHz) NON-ECC Unbuffered DIMM

Man I am surprised over this, I know the XBL line is super in the DFI nf4 boards.
I know the Mushkin Blue Line is super in the Epox boards.

The Mushkin will not work in the AV8 boards we have.

I have just received a pair of 512mb sticks of Mushkin today RMAed and they still do not work in my boards. I am in the process of tring to get George at Mushkin to do something for me on this.

I won't be recommending Patriot memory to people until I know that it will work for them.

Cproflow 20th September, 2005 10:05 PM

Wow...I did not know that either. I've been doing so much research on how preferable the TCCD/Brainpower PCBs are for the NF4 boards, I just assumed it would work in the Epox board. Very odd indeed. I do have the most recent BIOS flashed.

Thanks much for looking on their site! I am kind of embarassed to admit it, but I didn't even much for assumptions. Hmmm...I better check to make sure the Corsair PC3200XL will work! If not, it is another RMA (dang...poor New Egg is going to hate me). Geez...maybe I should have gone OCA Plat Rev 2 all along. I was just apprehensive about it being TCC5. I really want to OC the daylights out of that Venice.

BobyJo 20th September, 2005 10:39 PM

That was exactly why I tried the nForce boards.
What surprised me was when I had the system OC'ed, then ran some benchs.
Two of these nforce boards would not perform up to these AV8 boards running default.
So I purchased another AV8 now I am tring to deal with the memory stuff.

The XBLK does work great with the AV8, 2,2,2,5 1T kicks over 26,000 with 3DMark2001se.
I have 03 & 05 on a different Hard Drive, so it is not available to run in this system unless I download them again.

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