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badarthur 30th September, 2005 06:01 AM

need help new to 64 oc'ing 3400 newcastle on a ASUS K8N-E
Looking for some advise in ocing my 3400 754 on the asus K8N-E delux board if any body has any experience with these Plesde help.Im runing a gig of corsair valus ram 2x512 a 5900 ultra 256 video card, in a nice big Chen Ming case with 5 80 mm fans.450 wat Ps i dont know the hoo's and a 250 gig ide hd with a set of liteon dvd's. Advise on a processor coller\air would also be aprechated.
Im loking for a nice stabel oc to game with. I think my processor is a newcastle im looking at the box right now and it dosent say.Ive herd some good things about the nforce 3 250 but not many post's on that MB. I know having the right equipment makes all the diference i traded in my 3200 barton for a 2500 mobil that im real proud of,its been runing stabel at 2300 mhz for a year now i think. So its time i jumped back in and saw what this box will do before build the next one.BaDArthur

MONKEYMAN 30th September, 2005 06:24 AM

If you are not going for a huge overclock involving much in the way of a voltage increase then the standard boxed cooler is sufficient for the A64 chips.
lower your HTT multiplier to 2 or 3, set your ram divider to 266/400(just while finding max overclock) and just keep upping the htt until it becomes unstable, then you might want to raise the vcore a notch, don't go above 1.55 on standard cooling and dont go above 1.65max as this could fry the memory controller.

I would guess that about 2.4-2.6ghz would be the max on a Newcastle like yours.

badarthur 30th September, 2005 06:34 AM

hay thanks for the quick reply i use these boxes to make DVD's if you know what i mean so i want to keep it as stable as possable but want to crank it up alittle to get the most out of that 5900 video card in sof-2 and HL CS source. And i dont mind buying a new cooler but the thermalltake 11 and 12's im used to are alittle behind the times with 2 of them my desk sounds like its ready to lift off.And do I bring my HTT multy back up after i decide what's stabel like my ram devider?

MONKEYMAN 30th September, 2005 07:48 AM

on a skt754 board your HTT/LDT total frequency should be 1600htt, so if your htt is 300mhz then set it to 2 so that (300x2=600)x2=1200 this is the highest you could set as a multiplier of 3 would make (300x3=900)x2=1800(too high), move your ram divider so that the resulting frequency is within the spc of your ram, for example if you have ddr400 ram and your htt is 250mhz then set it to 333/400 so your ram will be at around 400mhz.

By the way your system is video card limited rather than cpu limited, the 5900 cards will more than likely not max out an a64 cpu

badarthur 30th September, 2005 08:24 AM

Yea that is one of the troubeling things the video card its time to jump up to a pciexpress card i guess,this was a 400.00 card a year ago.but at 217x12 im sitting at 38 c at 2604 mhz at idel, at 100% im sitting at 59 to 61 c
now at idel i think im going to pick up a cooler tomorrow at 220 it hit 50c rather quickly.i had a 6600gt card and it wasent any better than my 5900ultra so when i change i guess its going to be processor and a MB and mabey ram to. thanks for the offer on the msn help.

badarthur 2nd October, 2005 04:15 AM

Ok kind of embarising only got a 10% OC out of it,at 20% the OS locks up and at anything over 10% the Video locks up whyle playing Call of Duty-2. The video card I bought used from a gaming budy of mine from chicago Its a FX-5900-XT 256 not a ultra made by Gainsworld. And i also had to replace the out of the box fan and heatsink
that is what bugges me,as i had to spend money to get such minor results.
But hear are some numbers12X221fsb@100cpu=2640mhz@like115-F and things seem stable there I was going for somemore but the video keep's droping out
while gaming and that's how i tell things are really stable. Any more sugestions other than spend the money for a new 939 dfilandparty and processor and pci express videocard would be aprechated---Badarthur

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