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Gizmo 24th September, 2007 04:44 AM

ASUS M2V - Motherboard Based on VIA K8T890 (Socket AM2) Chipset
Digit-Life give us the low-down on this motherboard:

Models based on VIA chipsets have always occupied a small but permanent place among ASUS system boards. In other words even at times when for some reason boards based on VIA chipsets were scarce, those wishing to get one had a good chance of finding something suitable among ASUS models. In case of Socket AM2, though, there is no problem finding system boards based on VIA chipsets. One can find offers from ECS, Foxconn, MSI and ASRock available on the market. Besides, ASRock ALiveSATA2-GLAN is based on the same K8T890 chipset as the system board being examined in this article. Taking into consideration that the two companies are more than related, one may wonder why they would release models that are similar and are based on, well, unpopular chipsets under differend brand names. However, from the consumer's viewpoint any competition (even internal) is definitely for the good, because it broadens the choice. While lowering the price is most likely out of the question in this case, because it is already not very high for a discrete chipset with good functionality.

Read more on the Front Page:

cloasters 24th September, 2007 07:39 PM

Yes, these boards are cheap. But there's something about Via chipsets that plain bites. And Asus isn't reliable any longer. It's always something.

Daniel ~ 24th September, 2007 09:03 PM

They have some very nice core 2 boards, my P5W is a rock measured against the best boards I've owned, I put this one first. But it sure wasn't cheap to buy and it suffered early on from BIOS troubles, now completely gone... at lest for me...

Up and down, up and down.":O}

cloasters 25th September, 2007 02:29 AM

Via chipset no good, says Mongo. A regulah membah of the cognoscenti already. Argh, I'd really like to save money on my next build--but AMD performance and thermals bug me.

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