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.:N2:. 6th April, 2002 03:23 PM

how many XP chips dead so far from unlocking?
seems to be a dangerous task to unlock these...

so i wonder, how many XP's have been eaten by the gods?

post your sacrifices here!

Random Nonsense 6th April, 2002 03:31 PM

None here, though me and spode came close..... accidently joined two of the bridges so scratched off the ink in between, and discovered that its not a clever ting to do!!! wore through to a copper underlay!!!! the chip still works, but cant be unlocked now

dimmreaper 6th April, 2002 03:33 PM

Why can't you cover up the underlay with epoxy or something?

.:N2:. 6th April, 2002 03:34 PM

w0w! :eek:

thin stuff huh!
of all the comments i have read so far, i had'nt noticed this issue.

i'll be keeping that in mind, thanks m8!

could you please possibly post a pic of this?
i'd really like to see where you mean.

Random Nonsense 6th April, 2002 04:22 PM

jeff, i could attempt it i guess,

.:n2:. the scratch is thinner than a human hair, so extremely hard to see with the naked eye let alone my cheapo digital camera :(

its between the contacts, i accidently let teh conuctive ink pool togeather you see on a pair of bridges, so rahter than take the isopropaol to it, then have to re do the lot, we decided to scratch away the ink witha needle, just pushed a little to hard, and i noticed a shiny copper coloured scratch. so we cleaned it all off with isopropanol, then sealed em up with superglue and prayed it worked and it did

surlyjoe 6th April, 2002 06:46 PM

I almost killed one, wouldnt boot at anything but 6.5 , after spending a couple hours cleanin out the pits real well, it finally came back :rolleyes:

demonX 6th April, 2002 07:09 PM

Whats with amd and locking the chips anyways?
I rember them saying they wouldnt do anything to stop "enuthsist", but it sure seems that way now.

Holst 6th April, 2002 11:41 PM

Mine unlocked fine using the super glue conductive paint method.

Quite a few of the "experimental" first attempts ended in disaster but if you use the method I did and check it carefully before you run it you should have a high sucsess rate.

Id say that voltmodding your motherboard is more dangerous.

mrpcman 7th April, 2002 01:10 AM


Originally posted by demonX
Whats with amd and locking the chips anyways?
I rember them saying they wouldnt do anything to stop "enuthsist", but it sure seems that way now.

but theyhaven't made it impossible like intel did.

.:N2:. 7th April, 2002 01:41 AM

well the pics of the clawhammer show a slab of something up top, so it sure looks like they're heading the Intel route.

i'll probly always buy AMD regardless, at least from a value standpoint....

but when Intel is same price or cheaper, i'd have to rethink.

i don't see Intel stuff in my future anytime to soon, despite the "Slabbing" or "Capping" of CPU's from AMD.

hopefully we can just "Pop the cap" and be done with it like the olden days ;)

Lionfish 7th April, 2002 01:50 AM

My unlocked XP is OK.

I just made sure I taped off everything, then retaped as I went along with the Rear window deffoger kit, waited for the material to dry then tape off the next are around the bridge, worked like a charm, did the Duronn 800 & the XP1600+ them amd both are fine.

demonX 7th April, 2002 01:57 AM


Originally posted by mrpcman

but theyhaven't made it impossible like intel did.

Have you seen how hard it is to unlock a XP 2100+?

panhead49 7th April, 2002 03:46 AM

i have been having a hard time unlocking mine too...(xp2000).....and like others ,..i ran into trouble and didnt get a good "unlock" and had to erase the conductive stuff and filler.....after a few times of rubbing with the wrong material you expose the copper is conductive!!....and now, like someone else said its way harder to unlock without touching these exposed parts....i think now i will try to fill the pits and dots with a crayon ...wax....then with just the pits and dots covered ...put on your nail polish...what ever you use to insulate....then i will try to get the dots cleaned out and then start the unlocking proscess AGAIN....this should work ....dont you think????

.:N2:. 7th April, 2002 05:09 PM

the more i dwell on it, the less and less i think i even want to attempt it.

i'll mess with the durons i got.

the XP is twice as fast as what i have now, and so.. FSB will do me fine.

scary these XP chips are, really. i ain't got money to risk like that.

this upgrade is like the best thing thats happened for me in a long time LOL i dont wanna kill it.

panhead49 7th April, 2002 05:38 PM

after messing with my chip so much.......i do think now that if i didnt scrap off the surface and expose the copper would be easy ....yes easy to unlock if you just go at it with a good mag. glass.....and common sence........dont get midevil with it....take your time and you should have no trouble....if you dont get it right you wont ruin the chip , just wont get all the mulitipliers....try again!!

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