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Mavhenz 6th July, 2009 04:14 PM

Where do I start?

I found a guide for overclocking 720 be: | Guide - Overclocking AMD's Phenom II X3 720 BE

It said where you sould keep the voltage and describe the Bios setting. But I doesn't answer all my questions...

There is my configuration:

720 BE
MSI 790fx-gd70
Corsair 2X2G xms3 hx ddr3-1333
XSPC h2o watercooling kit (1X120mm rad,400lph pump with xspc block)
HAF 932 case

I would Like to overclock my Cpu and memory.

The thing is, where do I start?
Previously I got a p4, so all I needed to do was pushing Vcore until it was stable... (likely ^^)

Now I got (As you already know ^^) tremendous amount of setting that I could change.
Where do I start?

Witch do I push first? Witch do I push in second? I have played with it a little bit, and I found that cpu vvd voltage and cpu Voltage are related:
CPU vdd voltage ?
CPU-nb vdd voltage ?
CPU voltage ?
CPU-nb voltage ?
CPU pll voltage ?

I already played with the voltage and I was able to go to 3,7 ghz. But god damn I am just increasing voltage all at once. This is easy, but I need more information about where to start and how to do it step by step.

Second, How do you Isolate the componement when overclocking?
Could I overclock my mem first or do I really need to overclock my CPu first?

When overclocking my memory, do I need to increase the voltage to the cpu mem controller too?

Why does it help to overclock the northbridge when you have an unlocked cpu multiplier?

As you can see I got many question, but I don't expect that you will be able to answer all of them...
Maybe yes?

dsio 6th July, 2009 04:52 PM

Nice rig, what are your temps like atm, and how far are you pushing voltages to get where you're at now?

Mavhenz 7th July, 2009 11:36 PM

At the moment my temp look like 30 idle 40 charge

For the voltage, like I said I just increase all of them at once.
If I remember I got 1,47 volt for the core, I boot 3,8 in vista but can't get it stable that's why I want to know witch voltage I should Increase first!

Mavhenz 11th July, 2009 03:07 AM

No other wanna help?


ccperf721p 11th July, 2009 06:24 AM

I haven't overclocked an AMD CPU in a year or so but I'll give you what I know..

I always start with overclocking the CPU first. With an on-die memory controller the memory is in direct contact with the CPU so HTT speed isn't much of an issue. (No northbridge in the middle to slow things up) You may run into a situation where it will be stable on one multi but won't go to the next and be stable, that is where overclocking the HTT comes in. There really isn't a FSB on a CPU with an on-die memory controller so it actually doesn't do what you think it does..

CPU vdd is voltage applied to the Mosfets, how far you will have to push this I am uncertain, raising it will also raise CPU voltage which tells me that these would be your primary adjustments when overclocking.

Some are self explanatory and the others I am not sure of what affect they will have if any on an overclock.

Some things to look for when testing. If it fails right away in prime95 then it usually CPU stability, if it fails on short ffts I will usually look at CPU as well, long ffts or a blue screen failure I look at memory voltage or timings.

Go in small steps on the voltage, push the CPU forward until it is unstable, then give it enough voltage to get stable and push again.

You will also have to find what your system likes from your memory. Some rigs respond to tighter timings at a little bit lower speed, some respond to high speeds with the timings a little loose..

Mavhenz 13th July, 2009 03:46 AM

alright thx

At the moment I played a bit with voltage.

I tried to increase all of them a bit, but uncessifully It doesn't post...

So I set them from voltage that I found on a guide on the web, but I still have to test it.

If anyone could help to a witch one to increase first, go ahead.


NB: By the way there are some result that I have been able to do:

On stock voltage I got 3,3 ghz and memory at 1,67 volts ddr3-1333 @ 6-6-5-15-15 1T

What do you think? good, bad?
thx for your comments

ccperf721p 13th July, 2009 05:34 AM

Give me the settings you are using now. Memory timings and divider, CPU multiplier, HTT frequency..

While it is often necessary to increase voltage while overclocking, it is not always the needed cure. Most of the time you can change a memory timing or two and ease the pressure up on the memory controller just enough to push past a dead spot in an OC..

Mavhenz 13th July, 2009 06:07 AM

What I am using right now:

17 X 200 = 3400 ghz
Since it is a 720 be, all I need to do is to increase Cpu multiplier.
At the moment...

CPU vdd voltage: 1.1750
CPU-nb vdd voltage: 1.1750
CPU voltage: 1.375 (Stock 1.30)
CPU-nb voltage: 1.275 (stock 1.17)
CPU pll voltage: 2.572 (Stock 2.5)

At 6-6-5-15-15-1T Dram at: 1,67 volts.
FSB: DRAM = 3:10 (1333)

Mavhenz 13th July, 2009 07:44 AM

Hi again.

200 X 17,5 = 3500ghz

OCCT large datasheet high priority stable
Cinebench stable

CPU vdd voltage: 1.1750
CPU-nb vdd voltage: 1.1750
CPU voltage: 1.375 (Stock 1.30)
CPU-nb voltage: 1.245 (stock 1.17)
CPU pll voltage: 2.572 (Stock 2.5)

Still at 6-6-5-15-15-1T Dram at: 1,67 volts.
FSB: DRAM = 3:10 (1333)

Around 30 celcius at idle and 40 in charge.

ccperf721p 13th July, 2009 08:11 PM

At this point I would try isolating the memory controller by loosening up the memory timings to 7 7 7 24 and see if that and a bit more CPU voltage will get you stable on the next multiplier.

Mavhenz 14th July, 2009 02:52 AM

Hi again

Afther a bunch of test, there are the results:

I am stable at 3,7 ghz at 6-6-5-15-15-1T (sorry I forgot don't remember the voltage, nothing more that 1,50 volts Vcore)

I boot at 3,8 ghz it pass Cinebench but doesn't pass OCCT ; I didn't tryed 3,9 simply because I wasn't able to go stabilize it because the temps just go crazy (50 deg) and shut down... I lowered the memory timing, switched to 1066... There is nothing to do (I didn't wanted to pass 1,52 vcore seeing the temps).
I am sure that my little watercooling bottleneck me. But It allow me to run at 3,6 ghz @ 6-6-5-15-15-1T BELOW Amd maximum voltage specification (Vcore 1,42).

I am quite satisfied at the moment, quite learned alot from this experience.
I need to overclock the northbrige now, I will post results soon. I will afther that I will try to rafine/polish the voltage.

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