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voha 4th June, 2010 03:40 PM

AMD stability/heat
Does anybody have experience in using AMD chips in servers that are under a lot of load?

I'm quite keen to switch over to AMD because of the price difference compared to Intel, but that video with quake or something running in the background and the guys take the heatsink off an Intel and AMD chip has worried me, even though it's very old!

So i was curious if they're stable inside servers with a high load or is there any possibility of overheating and crashing the OS etc?

dsio 4th June, 2010 03:56 PM

AMD's server chips, the opteron line are absolutely rock solid, so much so that IBM uses thousands of them at their limit inside some supercomputer clusters such as the IBM Roadrunner. In terms of absolute performance, I still have a preference for Intel chips based on the Nehalem architecture, but on a cost basis, AMD server processors are a very good option, and you definitely have nothing to worry about whatsoever in terms of reliability issues.

I work as chief systems engineer for a hosting company so I spend a lot of time working with servers, particularly running Linux and Xen, and I have to say, anything that's either a Xeon or an Opteron is rock solid.

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