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Daniel ~ 11th November, 2010 07:53 PM

Fusion Complete: AMD's "Brazos" Promises Fierce Challenge to Atom
Zacate and Ontario are only the first two members of AMD's APU invasion, which will soon hit netbooks and notebooks as well.

APU is two Bobcat cores and a DX11 GPU

Intel's Atom processor has long enjoyed a reign as undisputed king of entry-level netbooks and ultraportables. AMD is at last prepared to challenge that position with its long-awaited "Fusion" processor.

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Gizmo 11th November, 2010 09:00 PM

In the time-honored tradition of corporations everywhere, AMD has denied reality until finally forced to accept it.

For the last what? 4 years? AMD have said "Yeah, the netbook segment where Intel's Atom lives really is a fad segment and we don't feel a need to build a product specifically for it."

Now suddenly, they are ALL ABOUT the netbook segment.

One just has to shake one's head in wonder.

cloasters 12th November, 2010 09:21 PM

Took them long enough to catch up! It'd be great if this is a genuine challenger to Atom procs. If so, I hope they sell millions of them, they really need the bucks.

cloasters 23rd November, 2010 09:18 PM

Being the second best seller has got to rankle now and again.

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