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RussianMissile1 11th February, 2011 07:09 PM

Overclocking Phenom X4 820
This isnt as easy as back in the single core AMD XP 1800+ days where I just had to raise FSB... bump core volts, bump ram volts, adjust ram timings... rinse, repeat.

So here is what I have right now:

I got this far just by raising FSB, core volts by a little, and lowering the HT link speed in BIOS by 200mhz.
It isnt stable at anything above this. I wanted 3.5 Ghz at least.
Oh.. I did the BIOS core unlock thingy and it got me 2Mb more L3 cache.

Eta: RAM is OCZ DDR2 PC1600 4x2GB sticks

Cooling is:

So.. what do I do to make it go higher? I'm stumped.:(

cloasters 16th February, 2011 10:41 PM

Down to the nightclub, bump, bump, bump. Bump city!

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