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TrevorS 27th June, 2013 02:39 AM

Build #3 -- an AMD PCIe gamer for me :)!
Actually, not really as simple as that! I've been asked to build a gamer for a friend (my neighbor), and outside of my experience with AGP, my recent build for his daughter, and a fair amount of internet reading, I'm still learning.

Fortunately, one can pickup quite a lot from the net and it's not as if my AGP experience (current gamer) is a discard. So, this build really has three purposes, one being to satisfy my personal curiosity as to the capability of some affordable components I like, two being to evaluate likely core components for an FPS oriented friend (streaming multi-player upper midrange to perhaps lower upper with time), and lastly to construct something that would comfortably satisfy my own single-player not-so-much-FPS interests. Given a basically midrange to plus target, I'm currently viewing AMD as a probably good basis for all of the above, with variations coming down more to clocking and video card selection than anything else. A major AMD advantage being helping keep build cost down.

From what I observed with the daughter's build, I'm thinking the Asrock 970 Extreme4 is a very likely motherboard in both cost and performance, but instead of either the Phenom II 965 or my recent cruncher build FX4300, the FX6300 seems a good prospect. Idea being the apparent ability to overclock fairly flexibly for lower threaded applications while providing respectable thread support for more ambitious apps. Teamed up with an appropriate video card, I'm thinking a decent balance can be achieved for mid through lower high builds. In terms of growth path, I'm thinking video card (including possible SLI/CrossFire), clock as far as reasonable, and beyond that "Steamroller", which will supposedly use the same AM3+ socket and provide improvement in both power consumption and performance. A move to "Steamroller" could also bump up the number of cores if that appears worthwhile.

At any rate, that's the philosophy behind this build. I've ordered the components (used where feasible) and am awaiting their trickle-in appearance. So far, the only item to arrive has been the used Sapphire 7850 1GB video card, I expect it to be a good match for my needs, though probably not for my friend.

Daniel ~ 27th June, 2013 04:27 AM

AOA's staff has opened a new gaming site, why not drop by and tell us what you think...we could really use the input..really! ":O}


TrevorS 29th June, 2013 04:06 AM

Took a look and see some dedicated contributors. From what you've said, Linux deserves continued support and gaming is a natural opportunity. True, it doesn't get the attention of the latest Windows cum Direct X release, but that doesn't mean it's less capable, just that more development is needed. Haven't begun with Mint yet, though have a disc and plan to investigate -- currently focused on hardware performance and Win7.

Friday was good, everything delivered but the power supply. However, since I only ordered Tuesday, I'm expecting it to take a little longer. Here's hoping it works out :)!

Daniel ~ 29th June, 2013 02:45 PM

Looks like Monday will be your big day!

But nobody ever said you needed a power supply to have fun with new parts ":O}

TrevorS 29th June, 2013 07:57 PM

Checked and Fedex ("Smart Post") notified USPS today, so I expect it'll show up Monday or Tuesday. The motherboard came via "Smart Post" and basically sat for two days in Fedex hands before being passed on to USPS, so I'm not counting on them moving any faster with the power supply. I'm wondering if the "Smart" part of "Smart Post" is the sender can select the hand off delay -- it's definitely slower than USPS alone.

Took a photo of the parts collection including the reused case, but sans the in-transit power supply (Thermaltake TR2 TR-700). I installed an old Antec SL-350 (21A +12V) expecting it should at least be enough for boot and system install.

The Sapphire HD7850 1GB OC video card and AMD FX6300 are used. The HSF is for AMD's 125W processors, much heavier than the 95W design. The board is an Asrock 970 Extreme4, memory is G.Skill Ares 2x4GB DDR3 1833, a 64GB SanDisk SATA3 SSD, and just ordered a refurbished WD 250GB SATA3 hard drive (same one I installed in my neighbor's daughter's build). Together with an on-hand LG SATA DVD/CD burner, I think that's everything.

Daniel ~ 29th June, 2013 11:26 PM

So many goodies, so little time...Savor the moment! ":O}

TrevorS 30th June, 2013 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by Daniel ~ (Post 524999)
So many goodies, so little time...Savor the moment! ":O}

Yea brother -- it would be fun to spend whatever on a raft of nifty items, but budget simply doesn't allow. Focusing on used doesn't turn the world upside down, but it shaves the occasional corner and everything helps. Trick is to avoid allowing budget to have a crippling effect on achievable performance.

Strictly speaking, given the games I currently dabble with, my current AGP gamer is probably adequate, but there're clear post AGP advances worth capitalizing on. I'm still pretty happy with my Athlon 64 4600+ video cruncher, but am expecting a clear up-step when my new FX4300 cruncher comes on board. Here's hoping for continued improvement with or without Microsoft :)!

This'll be my first PCIe gamer and I plan on it being a good fit with my middling aspirations :)!

Daniel ~ 30th June, 2013 04:11 PM

Hey I'd build a new box a week if I could be sure of selling it!! We do what we can and enjoy it when ever we can and the rest is up to the fates.":O}

TrevorS 1st July, 2013 12:06 AM

Thought about that, but don't think I'd be eager to sell the video card, motherboard, or processor -- took too much personal investment to realize. Wouldn't be in a hurry to sell the case either, it's older and all metal. FWIW - I'm not charging my neighbor for anything I assist him with (was offered payment for my time with daughter's build, but didn't accept). I expect him to pay for the parts he receives, but I'm not charging for anything else. I think he's a pretty decent fellow and he's helped me with odds and ends over time. Yes, I would charge for someone who didn't have the personal relationship, but not readily for him. (Also, I'm aware I'm still learning the gear and so I'm reluctant to present myself as some kind of expert.)

If others decide they're interested in my efforts, then I'd be willing to levy a fee.

Daniel ~ 1st July, 2013 03:15 PM

Ah....were both sitting on the same fence...If you know me well enough to ask me to build for you, then I know you to well to charge you. ":O}

TrevorS 1st July, 2013 11:49 PM

Hey, dude -- your succinct appraisal is way ahead of my poor effort :)! Disaster struck my daily downstairs Epox 8K5A2 mobile yesterday and my attempts to restore it have failed. Since that machine is central to my exterior comms, solving it took ascendancy. The crash coincided with installation of a refurb 19" Dell 1905FP LCD (replacing a 14" CRT which replaced a dead Samsung Syncmaster 4:3 17") and although I reinstalled WinXP, I got nowhere. I swapped the CRT back in (even dropped back to boot basics), but no progress, so was finally forced to swap in a different machine. My current best guess is the Epox board malfunction and installation of the Dell monitor were an unfortunate coincidence.

I now have an Asrock K7VT6 mobile machine installed and seemingly without issues (appeared to be dead some two months ago). Physical hard drives and Firefox browser settings are transferred, and it's looking good. Don't know what triggered the collapse of the Epox machine, but it's set aside for future evaluation, here's hoping it's recoverable.

The Thermaltake PS arrived today and I expect to move on with the gamer tomorrow. I'll update accordingly :)!

Daniel ~ 2nd July, 2013 10:47 AM

The less you do to older stable setups the better, they actually seem to resent new parts and show it by taking turns until you have replaced everything you though you could save money by keeping.

TrevorS 9th July, 2013 02:08 AM

Things are less than great at the moment :(! My current Asrock plus mobile processor appears to periodically fail and I've tried backing off one parameter after another, but have yet to identify a solution. It appears there may be something amiss with this motherboard (not as new, but perhaps some kind of unknown damage). Still, via regular reboots, I appear to be able to achieve reasonable performance - perhaps I should be less demanding?

To complicate things, I'm having a hard time separating my current reactions from what's happening within Egypt and Syria. Sounds bizarre? Yeah, I get it. It'd be nice if the entire world only consisted of what happens with regard to PC's and related topics -- a whole lot simpler. Still. I've a pile of parts and I'm trying to disengage enough from what's happening around me to be able to pursue the intention behind my purchases :(!

My very best to all of us :)!

Daniel ~ 9th July, 2013 04:18 AM

I had the first CPU in over a decade die on me last week a sure sigh that Assad is getting what he has coming to him!

My very best to us all, not counting Assad...":O}

TrevorS 10th July, 2013 02:58 AM

Perhaps I'm just being silly, but just got re-connected to what's happening in the Middle East (disconnected early April). Just learned that Hezbollah has moved thousands of fighters into Syria (mostly from Lebanon) and are, to a meaningful degree, turning the tide of the Syrian rebellion against Assad. Yes, the same Hezbollah that's been unsuccessfully trying to govern part of what will hopefully become Palestine (please let the governance of that region be amicably resolved) and are heavily supported by Iran -- clearly a Godly state.

The result? The Syrian rebels have lost ground (emphasis on lost lives), the fight is inching back into Lebanon, and the Lebanon Shia are beginning to feel anger towards the Lebanon Suni who comprise Hezbollah. Simply, Hezbollah (thank you Iran) are interfering where they're not wanted and the result will be inescapably sectarian, and fact is Lebanon has only recently exited civil war itself. Bottom line, Hezbollah (spelt Iran and the radical mullahs) is running pell-mell into sheer militant lunacy.

Why is it so difficult to allow the oppressed Syrian people to fight for their own freedom from Assad's government (like Libya from Gaddafi?) Is it really necessary for them to be assailed by those who have neither personal understanding nor belief structures outside of the strictures of their radical mullahs? This is what gives Islam a bad name. Whatever positive qualities may exist within the Koranic teachings, the ease with which that system is twisted into a militant jihadic structure is nothing less than an abomination to all mankind. How can anyone seriously believe such viewpoints are indeed blessed by God? Is the covering of a Hezbollah fighters' face for TV interview for the purpose of obscuring identity? Or rather for hiding one's hopeless stupidity?

EDIT: Sorry, this stuff can get me seriously worked up, but it really doesn't belong here -- I'm just venting :(! I'll hopefully get back to the system build shortly. Again, sorry!

Daniel ~ 10th July, 2013 04:04 AM

So like...I have to give the Virgins back?

Bear in mind your talking to a hermit of some 35 years now... But I take quite seriously the admonition to:

"Resist ye not evil, flee from it."

What is born of earth feels related to nature, What is born of man feels related to the works of man, what is born of the spirit feels related to heaven.

Man has a complex nature which leads to choice....chose according to what you feel related to.

But no matter what you choose there will be tears. There will be struggle and you will know defeat. In the end:

"I think it's about forgiveness."

Only in forgiveness can we completely fulfill all our natures and take firm root in the Cosmic Order

we come from and go to without departing or arriving

TrevorS 12th July, 2013 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by TrevorS (Post 525066)
Things are less than great at the moment :(! My current Asrock plus mobile processor appears to periodically fail and I've tried backing off one parameter after another, but have yet to identify a solution. It appears there may be something amiss with this motherboard (not as new, but perhaps some kind of unknown damage)!

Haven't observed a single failure since noticing a correlation between my telephone machine answering and PC freezing. I disconnected the phone line from the PC (keep it for FAX reception) and no further occurrence.

Daniel ~ 12th July, 2013 06:13 PM

So Phone interference was the cause of your problems?

"If it isn't one thing it's the same thing"
(Roseanna Roseadana, Saturday night Live)

TrevorS 13th July, 2013 12:20 AM

Seems associated with conversion of my phone/DSL copper to FIOS glass fiber a couple weeks ago. Verizon became highly insistent and given a decent monthly discount, I caved. My best guess is a ground loop, the FIOS modem sources two lengthy feeds, one to the PC NIC card, the other back to and then through the house phone wiring to the PC modem. Whenever the phone line tweaked, the PC froze. Haven't had a single freeze since disconnecting the phone line from the PC.

Could probably solve it by isolating the coax router feed via either signal transformer or a couple mica capacitors. Still, probably not a big deal, it's very rare for me to need that modem connection.

EDIT -- Don't know if it could also have triggered my Epox troubles, but if so, the symptoms were certainly different. Will eventually get back to that, right now it's sitting in the kitchen partially disassembled. Very glad the Asrock mobile machine appears to be stable again, was fine for a month or so before the move downstairs. Really don't want to be forced out of my Athlon XP mobiles. If the Epox isn't recoverable, I might try to find a used Asrock to replace it.

Daniel ~ 13th July, 2013 03:29 AM

Sorry you seem to know a good deal more than I about the way of things.":O}

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