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mASh_TiL_DeAD 8th August, 2002 07:59 PM

8k3a+ & o/c'ing
I'm interested in o/c'ing my 1800+. I've heard about the lead pencil and conductive ink tricks, but i'm alittle hesitant to do something that might fry my cpu. Of the 2 tricks, which is the safest first and easiest second. I've done alittle reading on the ink trick and it seems fairly easy and there's a complete kit to do this for a reasonable price. If you have a link to a site that sells the kit i would appreciate it. Also, is this best trick to allow you to change the multiplier so o/c'ing the FSB won't effect the AGP/PCI bus. THX.:nervous:

The Spyder 8th August, 2002 08:03 PM

Conductive ink. pencil trick wont work :-P- spyder

Southern Man 8th August, 2002 08:43 PM

The XP ****+ cpu's aren't as easy to bridge as The Spider has made reference to. There is the matter of filling in the valley between the contact points before you can even attempt to bridge them.

Overclocking your chip is going to carry risks in it's self so if you are worried about frying it you may want to weigh the options before you start. The best thing I can offer you is to read as much as possible about overclocking that you can find. This will allow you to make a better decision and teach you the limitations of what to expect.

You may want to start on a duron or other less costly chip and get a feel for what you are doing before trying a mod on a XP chip.

I don't mean to scare you off but you really want to acquire as much info on the subject as you can get before embarking on this journey. One of the guys here I think had something in their signature that stuck with me. It said " Overclocking with pencil and paper”. This meant he was calculating what the outcome would be prior to application in real life. One other signature that comes to mind is " The key to a successful overclock is knowledge".

Good luck in your journey into the overclocking world. If you have any more questions ask away. The people here are more than willing to help.

Welcome to the forums. :)

Southern Man 8th August, 2002 09:20 PM

BTW: Because your post was more dealing with overclocking an AMD chip and really wasn't an issue with the Epox board I asked if Daniel~ , the forum owner, to move it here in the AMD chip & MoBo section. You will get better replies to your questions here.


Pinky 8th August, 2002 09:22 PM

You really have to mess up to "fry" your cpu just from unlocking it improperly. I used the kit and it was a breeze. It also contains a silicon type material to fill the pits and conductive grease, neither of which ever dries, both can be easily removed if one were ever to need to RMA ;)

The worse you can do by crossing L1s is to not boot or only boot at default multiplier. Wipe it away and try again. If you get ink on the L3s, then you could have issues, but they should be covered with tape the whole time you're performing the unlock, so that never becomes an issue.

whatever 8th August, 2002 11:41 PM


Originally posted by The Spyder
Conductive ink. pencil trick wont work :-P- spyder
Pencil trick they are refering to pencils like the #2 stuff, those HBs or something similar level of graphite. So yes, that is correct.

But not all pencils. Those special leads like the 2B and upto 6B leads work. You'll have to put right pressure and how you draw the lines though. It worked for me. Unlocked all my AMD processors including AXP2100+. It's still working great. You draw it good enough, it'll last you longer. If you draw them lightly, sloppy job, then it would last you short. You'll have to reapply. The keys is that this method is good because you can use it as testing method when attempting to unlock the chips.

And ofcourse... if you don't feel comfortable using this method, you can always go with the unlocking kit... but my method takes me 3 minutes to unlock.. heehee!

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