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reinhartn 17th September, 2002 08:32 PM

noob....need help deciphering stepping from my 1600+
Hey y'all...

Just received my 1600+ from Newegg's what the CPU die says:

F381578 0299

I assume that my process revision (I just learned that it isn't necessarily the stepping :D) is AGOIA, which is good for O/C. However, what is my it 0212? How do I interpret that? And also, what is the third, mysterious other designator that I see around here, like AGOIA 0213 Y for example? What does that mean?

Thanks for any help you can give!


WyrmMaster 18th September, 2002 12:22 AM

You have an AGOIA, good stepping. The first character of the last line is also important, so yours is an AGOIA-F. I havent heard of them before, i know the AGOIA-Y are really good, but you may have an even newer stepping, so i dont know, it may really rock. It should be good regardless, most of the AGOIA's do 1800 without much dificulty. As for the week, im not sure but i think that MIGHT mean that its year 02, 12th week, that would make sense, but i dont really know.

Caffinehog 18th September, 2002 01:13 AM

Yep... it means 12th week of 2002. I don't really know what the Y means, but it's the first thing on the next line. Y's, 0's, and 9's tend to do the best in every stepping. Generally, letters do better than numbers. You can expect 1700mhz out of any AGOIA just by increasing the FSB. After that, you MAY have to increase the voltage to go further. At least half of these hit 1800mhz, a lot hit 1900, and some have hit 2GHZ!!!!!! (to go further than about 1850, you need exotic cooling such as water.)

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