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Ace-a-rue 19th November, 2002 06:54 AM

Msi K7d Master Dual Amd Vdimm Mod

Ok guys, I found how to increase Vdimm beyond 2.5V.  Finally got the courage to explore this system owned and operated by "She who must be obeyed"!:D  hehehehe

I think everyone knows the 'how to' for the Vcore, which quite honestly will take care of most people's needs.  But if you think things aren't stable enough, then this mod will make this duallie m/b work flawlessly.  Of course, it doesn't hurt to have very good memory.  I am now using a single 512 mb stick of TwinMos Non-ECC, unbuffered.


I used a 47K Radio Shack pot with a SMD grabber.  I attached the grabber to the 2nd leg on the same side that the AGP slot is on.  The picture (below) shows the proximity of the regulator to the DIMM slots and 2 small Mosfets, and the 12V Intel plug.  Then just south of the 12V plug is the AGP card.  Yup, the VC card is only 32mb so it is not a monster card.

You will solder your 22 or 24 gauge multi-strand wire to the SMD grabber. The other end of this wire will be soldered to the middle lug of the 47K pot. Depending on what direction you want to turn the pot to decrease resistance (this will increase Vdimm) will determine which outer lug you will use to solder the ground wire. It is best to check the resistance first and then set it to the maximum resistance. WARNING, REMEMBER WHICH DIRECTION INCREASES RESISTANCE (reduces voltage), IN FACT, DIAGRAM IT ON PAPER SO YOU DON'T FORGET!

After soldering your ground wire to either outer lug, it will determine which way you set the resistance to maximum.  On the other end of the ground wire, attach an electrical grommet that allows you to insert a fastener to ground to the case or motherboard.

To attach the SMD grabber to the 2nd leg/pin, you will push on the SMD plunger head to extend two very tiny claw type copper feet. You just extend it enough to slide the two claw feet around leg/pin 2 and then release the SMD plunger head slowly so it can grasp on to the leg/pin. The approach to the pin should be around 45 degree angle. Coming straight down or straight in horizontally will make it harder to grasp.

You can do this from the bios but I found the accuracy of the reading in doubt so I went to the 2nd Mosfet (pic below) and measured the leg closest to the green capacitor.  My reading showed the bios reading low by as much as minus .08V.  But, you have to be careful here not to slip with the probe and short out the regulator.  Most times when that happens it is for a split second; you just lose the video.  One thing you could do to avoid shorting out the Mosfet is to use a single wire attached to a SMD grabber.  Attach the grabber to that Mosfet leg and then use electrical tape or cap the end of the wire when not setting/measuring the voltage.

EDIT:  When you are ready to lower the resistance of the pot, turn it very, very slowly.  If you turn it to fast, you could lose the video momentarily.  Usually a reset or power off/on will correct it. 


If you cannot go above 2.75V for Vdimm with a 47K Radio Shack pot, then switch out to a 10K RS pot to allow for further Vdimm increases."

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