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sasrob 23rd April, 2004 08:48 PM

whats wrong???? (3dmark04)
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why have i got low score on the new 3dmark04????

it's only 3922 ?????

Pitch 23rd April, 2004 10:51 PM

This is PC mark.. Havn't got a clue if 3922 is good or not. I'll download it and bench ad get back to you with results.

Pitch 23rd April, 2004 11:45 PM

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As promised.

I imagine that Hyper threading on the P4's makes the 1500 point difference here. Since all benches seem to be multitasks.

A dually rig would whoop ass at PcMark.

What I think you are looking for is 3dMark03

scottman 24th April, 2004 12:55 AM

yea i got like 4800 my p4 is stock

War_Dwarf 8th July, 2004 11:48 AM

3d mark 03

I have run that bench many many times...and have rebuild my machine around three times this year and will be upgrading the minute PCI Express x16 Cards hits the market and I can tell you that your processor,Ram,MOBO & Hdd's has very little to do with the score you get on 3d mark...they do give you a little boost but not enough to write home about.

3d Mark mainly tests your graphics card, And what it can and cant do....Keeping in mind that 3d Mark was developed for testing the ATI Radeon Series Cards NOT Nvidia FX Series....

Friend of mine scores 8631 with a AMD 3.4 Claw Hammer + 1024 Kingston + ATI 9800 PRO ...Gigabyte Kt MOBO

I started the year with a 2.4 Intel with HT 533,Gigabyte st800 mobo, 512 DDR333,with MSi 5600Ultra 256..

I benched my machine at 3325( Stock Std)

I sold the machine kept G/Card and Built 2.8 Prescott HT ,with Soltek Mobo( Springdale), Transcend 1024 DDR 400 with the same MSi ultra 256

I benched my machine at 3715 (Stock Std) thus I sold that but still have the card. I now run

3.4 Intel Prescott (1024k)
Gigabyte GT 8IPE 1000 Pro2 w
Leadtek A380 UTDH+ FX5950 ULTRA 256MB(2.2ns)
Transcend 1024 DDR 400 x 2
2 x Maxtor SATA 250gb ATA 150
530w PSU

And ONLY Score 6750 Stock STD.a little more if I tweak(+- 350).. I changed the Card Back to my MSi 5600 and would you believe I only got 3995..

So...You ask whats my point?????:(

I have spent more than double what my 2.4 was worth and spec has doubled..

But my score with the same(MSI 5600Ultra) card has only increased by +-680 points..

In my opinion " 3d Mark 03 doesn't really give a true indication of the power of a machine or card "............. as long as all the games I want to play work...I am as happy as a Pig in S#$T..


Tha Dwarf

register your copy of 3d mark and you can compare them online to similar machines :ying: ...

War_Dwarf 8th July, 2004 11:53 AM

what 5950 do you have....?????

Pitch 8th July, 2004 09:19 PM

This post is actually regarding PCmark04. not 3Dmark03. There was a typo in the error.

PCmark does test all your system, not just graphics.

Topics regarding 3dmark03 can be found here.

keithwalton 9th July, 2004 07:47 PM

just fyi, 3dmark is what it says in its name a 3d card benchmark, 2003 was made to issolate video card performance from the rest of the system. It was also made for dx9 spec not specificialy ati hardware, it just happens that ati have followed the directx guidelines closer than the fx series from nvidia has. Notice with the 6800 that nvidia are far more competitive with there 9.0c hardware.

PC mark on the otherhand does indeed test an entire system and the graphics card pays a small part of the overall score. It's main focus is on cpu / ram bandwidth, as well as its multitasking ability which is why HT P4's excel in pc mark 04.

To compare scores on any futurmark program you can compare on a free registration, i've got a link to mine around here somewhere havent done anything for donkeys though lack of funds :-(


Edit 3dmark 03, -
3dmark 01, -
PC Mark 04, -

alexkerhead 13th July, 2004 02:46 AM

well, I got 4800 at 3.4GHz with the older 533MHz fsb P4..
This is good...
Also, the score for that 3200XP is good for an XP 3200, I know, I had one, and it scored 3700 whan o/c'ed to 2.3GHz.

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