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~* InSoM *~ 27th December, 2004 12:04 AM

Help with benchmarking please.
Hi all,

I am new to running hardware with the aim of overclocking, and in need of some dire help...

My machine is currently BULK standard with the below attached to it:

P4 CeleronD 2.8Ghz
768mb PC2700
256mb XFX Nvidia FX5700LE
20GB Quantum Fireball HDD
3GB Quantum Fireball HDD

But to start with, I would of thought it would be best getting the machine running aswell as it can with doing anything to it.

Hence i did a 3DMark04 test and got an amazing score of 397...

I aint completely sure, but shudn't i get scores like that off the older ISA video cards?!?

All my games seem to be running ok with good results at 1028x768, with full graphic options, except for MOH Pacific Assault which i have had to reduce to 800x600 (others DOOM3, Half Life 2, Need for Speed Underground 2)

I had nothing running in the background when I did this test, infact, it was after a fresh reboot!!! I would of thought my specs would of been good enough to get it into the 10k's, or am i being a bit ambitious?

Cheers guys/gals.

PS, I hope you all had a really good christmas, and got everything you want and needed, I DID :p :)

~* InSoM *~ 27th December, 2004 01:57 AM

To add to above, I just done an Aquamark3 test and the results are following:
AA = Off
Aniso = 4x
Details = V.High

4,902,801 tps
16.29 fps

GFX = 1,920
CPU = 5,362

Overall = 16,286

Is this anygood?

alexkerhead 27th December, 2004 04:48 AM

that is a great aq3 score for a celly D and a 5700"LE"
I think it is time you overclocked that processor.
Celeron D's are great overclockers, make a thread in the overclocking section, and people will help you out.
that video card is not as great as it looks on paper or description, the LE is the SE of nvidia, and is a budget video card.
not bad, but not great.
A little bit better than a ati 9000pro 128MB/
What motherboard do you have?

there is no 3dmark04 is there?
I presume you used 3dmark05, and that would be an expected score in 3dmark05
also, goto and get the newest driver for your video card.

~* InSoM *~ 27th December, 2004 04:53 AM

I only have a cheap motherboard... ECS Elitegroup 661FX-M and it is generic ram aswell.

sorry, yes it was 05, and it was with the latest drivers...

alexkerhead 27th December, 2004 05:41 AM



video card

these are some lower priced components I could find in UK online stores.

those are ideal for a lower end great gaming system for all of today's games.

BUT you can still try to overclock the video card if you cant afford any of this stuff.
Use power strip

be careful, if you see anything like rips or white dots, lower the clock speeds.

~* InSoM *~ 27th December, 2004 12:49 PM

I was having a look at the reviews on the 5700LE last night in regards to OC'ing and what other ppl achieved... and apparently it is supposed to be extremely OC'able.

You are supposed to be able to flash the BIOS upto a 5700Ultra but you gotta watch you dont fry the memory;
The GPU ppl are claiming your can double the speed + more;
30%-40% improvement thro OC

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