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Azriel 17th December, 2001 05:05 AM

passive blow-holes...
I've been thinking about doing a filter mod on one of my machines. The basic idea is that there's a lot of the case that cannot have a fan, and is wasted. My idea is to remove most of the dumb side of the box, and put in very slightly recessed screen. The idea is to use this as the intake, behind the mobo. I could use a fram washable air-filter. (Yes, automotive.) The flat kind that goes in the mustang 5.0 to be exact. (two of them actually.) All of my fans would blow out, and they would get their air from this intake. If I removed large unnecessary areas of the mobo tray, the air would cool the back side of the board at the same time.

This would also give me a chance to work a heatsink onto the back side of the Northbridge.... something I have been wantig to do for a while. It has been done with video cards, so why not, right?

Any ideas? Any suggestions for an alternate filter material? I want to try to find a charcoal option... :D

eobard 17th December, 2001 07:41 AM

I've got foam over my cpu duct. It's thin, about 3 mm, and it's sparse, by that I mean there isn't a whole lot of material to it, there's a lot of air holes in it. It stops the dust well and hasn't increased my case temps compared to me running with an open duct (man did my fan get clogged!). I checked a lot of hardware stores before finding a foam just right. Most of the stuff out there is too thick or has too much material in it to make a good filter without restricting airflow, but if you look long and hard you may find just the right kind. The kind I got was meant for an air conditioner if that helps. The only better option I can suggest is to use the framed foam filter from a dehumidifier. It's plastic surrounding may make it easier for you to mount into your case and, if it's like my dehumidifier's filter, it's plastic gridwork every few inches will reinforce it's structure.

surlyjoe 17th December, 2001 12:11 PM

3M scotchbrite pads :D

Random Nonsense 17th December, 2001 12:56 PM

one thing ive learned from playing with cars, is that if u increase the area of the filter, you can still have a fine filter but get un impeded airflow! was fun i doubled the power of my best m8's brothers go-ped just by increasing the area of the filter! so if u use a huge filter (like those huge pancake ones on v8's) you wouldnt be limiting airflow at all!

Azriel 17th December, 2001 10:52 PM

Any comments on the backside northbridge heatsink idea? (The machine I am talking about has an AMD 761 northbridge... they get wicked hot even with a fan.)

robbie 1st January, 2002 09:39 AM

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well my blow hole hasn't been very passive lately, it's been pretty active. (darn beans) HAHAHAH

I don't know if you saw my case mod but I'll post it again.


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