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booman 28th February, 2007 06:56 PM

Dungeon mod
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Ok, Weldzilla beat me to it, but I still have a long ways to go.
This is the same $14 case that he got and I'm modding it into a Dungeon masterpiece.
I've made a dedicated web-page for showcasing the Dungeon Case or you can just scroll down through the posts.

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Dungeon Case

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danrok 28th February, 2007 10:09 PM

Link is broken.

The model looks good!

booman 28th February, 2007 10:15 PM

I don't know why.... I've been messing with it all day and it has worked for me.

raphael2040 28th February, 2007 11:05 PM

Nope, link's not working.

Looks good, though. =P

skool h8r 28th February, 2007 11:12 PM

Links working fine for me. Mod is looking good!

danrok 28th February, 2007 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by booman
I don't know why.... I've been messing with it all day and it has worked for me.

You have a \ in there, should be a / for the www.

booman 1st March, 2007 12:03 AM

Thats strange, I copied the link here
and it still works good for me...
I did have a problem earlier logging into the ftp, but it works now.

weldzilla 1st March, 2007 08:31 PM

It works for me!! Hey booman I really like your concept! You are finding out what I did. The plastic in this case is light, strong,and yet workable!
I am going to order yet another one of these for myself. They are plenty roomy and fun to work with. I think that is the trademark for a great moddable case. Now I am going to sit back and watch your mod come together so keep up the good work!


Gizmo 1st March, 2007 10:06 PM

The link works in IE, but not in FF. In fact, it probably doesn't work in anything that isn't IE.

As danrok pointed out, the link contains a \ character. That makes it an invalid URL.

Samuknow 1st March, 2007 10:10 PM

I copied it to IE and it works fine. No FF...

Rondog 2nd March, 2007 03:50 AM

Works in FF for me.

booman 8th March, 2007 07:09 PM

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Its just plain old html. I deleted some javascript from the page. Maybe that was prohibiting FF...
I bet there is some browser compatibility code I could add so FF can view it, I'll look into it.
Otherwise I will be adding photos to the forum as I take em.

Here is the chassi that I modded and painted. I decided to use the hammered finish gray so it will have a stony look. I cut out the rectangle at the top, two fan holes at the bottom, and some ovals in back for stealthing the cables.
Attachment 19751

Here is the starting work on the side panel. I drew out everything with a marker and then started carving away. I will be cutting the window in the arch area and adding some rusty old bars.
Attachment 19752

A close-up of my brick work. After some sanding they really look like hand cut bricks. I plan to paint the side panel with the same hammered finish and it should hide any mistakes that you see now.
Attachment 19753

Favu 8th March, 2007 07:35 PM

This is gonna be sweet! I can't wait :thumbsup:

Samuknow 8th March, 2007 08:03 PM

That is some nice carving work. A brilliant use for the plastic skin.

captaincurran 8th March, 2007 09:53 PM

very cool mod. :D

booman 19th March, 2007 04:09 PM

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After cutting out my window I needed to make some room for the plexi-glass on the back of the panel. The plastic panel had a lot of tabs and molding strips that had to be cut off and sanded to keep a tight fit with the plexi-glass window and the panel.
Attachment 19825

Everything is sanded down on the window-side panel and I filed the stones out. Then I set up the old spraybooth and started primering.
One thing I hate about primer is that is sprays on like loose sand. So before I could add a second coat I have to wipe off the loose dust. Unless I'm doing it wrong of course.
Attachment 19826

This is the first time I have used a primer in a paint job. I finally realized why.... the colors will have consitant tints. For example: in my frozen case I painted the entire thing blue, but you can see different shades of blue when the light hits it just right. That is because the metal and plastic I painted on had different base colors. So using a primer keeps everything consistant and professional in the final coat. So the extra steps mean a lot.
Attachment 19827

Toro 20th March, 2007 08:09 PM

lookin good sir!

booman 9th April, 2007 05:12 PM

2 Attachment(s)

I've been sick for the last month and finally had a chance to work on the case again. I had some kind of respiratory flue and that brought back my mono and then somehow I picked up strep throat. I was feeling better a couple of weeks ago and started working on the mod. Then my strep throat came back again. So back to the doctor and got more antibiotics. I should be back to 100% now and I'm working on the Dungeon case again. Here is two shot of the top panel with some carving work and blow-hole.

Carved and sanded the same way as the side panel. Then primered it up.
I even carved one of the bricks like it was broken off. Ironicly I cut out the blow-hole the same way Weldzilla did on his case. Its just seemed to be the best way to have a hole consistant with the design of the case.
Attachment 19931

Here is a close up of the carving work. Kinda hard to see, but you get the idea.
Attachment 19930

I also did a test run at making my own door for the front bezel. I am planning to form a door and attach it with some gothic hindges. This will stealth my optical drives and enhance the front bezel. Won't be easy and I won't spoil how I'm going to do it.
Otherwise I'm carving the brick-work on the back-side and going to cut a window for a stained glass affect. Lots of work ahead...

Samuknow 9th April, 2007 06:16 PM

This is turning out very nice.

Glad to see your feeling better.

slipperyskip 11th April, 2007 11:05 PM

Carving plastic!? That's good stuff. I like the texture.

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