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Old 25th August, 2005, 05:43 PM
Join Date: August 2005
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Temp prob DFI NFII Ultra B, 3200+,Thermalright

Okay My setup right now is a DFI LanParty NFII Ultra B board ,a 3200+ CPU(factory unlocked),1GB Mushkin LevelII RAM at 2,2,2,6,ATI AIW 9800 Pro,WD ATA 160GB,2 x optical drives,480W Thermaltake PSU,all round cables,and an ICute case which I removed the front turbine thing to just have the 120mm fan my rig has 7 fans total...120mm-front,80mm-side window,120mm-rear,2 x 80mm in PSU(one sucking air from right above cpu),a chipset cooler,and the one on the vid card.....more than enough for good temps I would think...!!!....Everything at stock voltages....


I just got myself a Thermalright SI-97 heatsink to replace the thermaltake volcao 10 I had on there,after reading all the articles praising it as prob the best socket a cooler out there,as far as air cooling goes...

Now i've got temps of 34 case,socket temp of 47, and a diode temp of 52-56..!!!...way too high....about 6-10 degrees hotter than the volcano 10 I had on there..!!!...I don't even want to try OC'ing it with these temps..!!!....This is with the HS fitted with a 80mm 46cfm fan....

I've tried removing it twice now,cleaning with isopropyl and re-applying AS5,but always with the same results...stays around 50-52 diode,but slowly climbs up to 52-56,instead of dropping a few degrees when the AS5 breks in,as per usual....

Googling the SI-97 produced this review of one(second link,right under thermalright's actual websie.!!),where it sounds like he was having the same prob with one... ,so i'm wondering if you guys think I got a bad HS..???

Anyone else out there with close to the same setup they can give me some temps there running...???

I've had 3DMark 2003 set my alarm off at 83 degrees before...!!!...NOT GOOD...!!!....and after loading it like never goes back below 60..!!!...

The fins are cool to the touch,and the pipes themselves are not that hot...its like the heat is not getting spread up the pipes..???

I've already tried disabling one fan at a time,and that just made the temps worse...!!! its not a disrupted airflow...???

Going through some ideas with thermalright tech support right now,but nothing has helped,hopefully they will exchange it for me,as retailers don't warranty things like heatsinks....

Once I get this heat sorted out,i'll be back to see what other people have had luck with,with a setup like far,all I tried is leaving the voltages the same,except upping the AGP to 1.6...and setting the memory to 2.5,3,3,3,11,dropping the multiplier to 9 and upping the FSB to 220....but the sandra scores seem the same...???

Thanks for any input...!!!

Greg St.L
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Old 25th August, 2005, 06:18 PM
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I would tend to suspect that you have a bad unit, if you've remounted it twice and get the same results both times. Do the pipes get noticably warmer as they get closer to the CPU? If so, that's not normal. They should be pretty close to the same temp throughout; that's the whole point of a heat pipe.
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Old 26th August, 2005, 12:21 AM
Join Date: July 2005
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I agree a possible bad unit. Also though, it sounds like you know what you are doing so I offer only a re--check list.
1}. Any air obstructions in the case? Cables-wiring-papers-an old playboy?
2}. Ambient air temperatures higher than normal?
3}. One supply to one exhaust fan is the rule of thumb of equal size.
4}. Make sure exhaust fans are at the top end of the case while your supplies are at the lower end of case (heat rises-coolair descends)
5}. ("about 6-10 degrees hotter than the volcano 10 I had on there..!!!"} Put the Volcano back in if you can.
6}. Are the fans clean and no dust/dirt buildup? Running at correct RPM's?
7}. The article regarding the heat pipe system. I often find it amusing when a manufacturer offers a heat pipe and then throw in the optional fan marketing. Seems that is a double standard.... and deception
8}. Last item! According to the picture, Intel recommends this to be the best way to disburse heat from the CPU. Well that I have got to think about. If the fan is operating as an exhaust fan, then it is working against the cpu fan by creating a air void between the intake and fan on the cpu. So I would think about reversing the fan to make it a intake to blow cooler ambient air directly over the heatsink/ heatpipe system. Just buy a little air filter kit for about $2.00 at Frys or Best Buy, or make one. Easy to do.
So let me or us know how it turns out. I am rather interested in this scenario.
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Old 26th August, 2005, 01:44 AM
Join Date: August 2005
Posts: 7

Thanks Gizmo and Skydiver for your replies..!!!

WOW...This must be a bad unit,as putting the volcano 10 on produced temps of 39 diode,44 socket, and 35 case..!!!....WAY better than the SI-97..!!!...The socket is actually hotter than the diode with this HS...LOL

Gizmo-Yes the pipes are noticebly hotter down by the CPU,and the fins are cool to the touch...its like the heat isn't spreading up the pipes properly...

SkyDiver-I've already gone through everything on the checklist....and yes I agree with you about the deception...They should include their recommended fan...after all,its what they recommend..!!!....and as for the side fan,it was set as an intake when I got the case,blowing in on the RAM and CPU....but after Thermalright said it may be a disrupted airflow,I tried turning it as an exhaust,or just right off....each way brought the temps up further,so I put it back as an 120mm front bottom...80mm side middle....120mm rear right under PSU,plus an 80mm sucking air up through the PSU,right above the CPU.....

The case is usually sitting at 34...i've never seen it go over 36

Again,thanks guys....I guess its back to thermalright to see if they'll replace it....

Think so...???

Greg St.L
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Old 26th August, 2005, 04:42 PM
Join Date: August 2005
Posts: 7

Well....Thermalright is coming good for it....they're sending me out a new one,and then return the defective one when I recieve the new one..!!!

Its good to see they will stand behind their product,even if its a slightly older so many companies WON'T....and especially since I never kept my receipt.!!!

Mine is a SI-97,and they are sending me one of the newer SI-97A's...gotta like that...

Thanks for the help guys..!!!

Greg St.L
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