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Ricochet 22nd January, 2004 04:22 AM

Cooling issues, shocking temps!
Hey folks,

I've been seriously considering the health of this machine's cooling over the past few days.... before I go any further, i'll mention the specs.

nf7-s 2.0 in a xaser III full tower (all 7 case fans running)
tbred 2100+ @ 213x10 with a volcano 7+ (stock cpu voltage of 1.6v)

Considering the cpu's running stock volts, there's seven fans in the case moving plenty of air (and creating a decent amount of noise) ... and the 7+ is supposedly still a half decent cooler.. you'd expect my temps be relatively healthy (both ambient/cpu) ... however they report no less than 31c ambient / 51c cpu on even the coldest of days.... the cpu's definitely mounted correctly and i'm running the right amount of AS3 under there, i re-seated the cpu to be sure and this doesn't change the temp at all....

Oh, i'm running the 7+'s fan through the controller on the xaser3.. operating at it's lowest speed of 3,500rpms to keep noise minimal... but even if i crank it to the highest (most annoying) speed, temp only drops 3 to 4c max .....

Something surely isn't right here.... if i were to increase the cpu's stock volts even by .05v ... the temp sky rockets... i've no headroom for the obvious strong overclocking potential of this chip..

in saying all of this, even for a sub-standard air cooler... those temps are just plain "too high" yeah? ..... meaning that by telling me to simply invest in a better cooler bypasses the actual problem here, i SHOULD be down around the 43c idle mark.. not 51... particularly due to the size of this case and all the fans running in there... that 31c ambient temp seems too high for this configuration as well....

suggestions would be muchly appreciated... and IF it's all down to getting another cooler... whats the way to go? i hear the v12extreme is very good for the price (slk947u performance for a fraction of the price) .. at the end of the day, it would need to be significantly better than this 7+ though obviously... and many underestimate the 7+'s ability to cool.

ral 22nd January, 2004 05:24 AM

I used to have Volcano 7+. Going to high will result in it running to noisy for a 1 degree improvment, but it was a really poor cooler on the low setting for an overl**** system.

Had an XP1700+ w/ @ 2083MHz at 1.675v on a 8K9A, and it did the job well enough. But I did use to run in the mid-high 40's.

Yours seems a tad hot though, maybe hot air is recirculating in your case? One fan too many?

ral 22nd January, 2004 05:27 AM

By the way could you tell us what case fans you have and whether they are intake or exhasut fans.

Ricochet 22nd January, 2004 06:49 AM

The case fans are the standard ones that come equipped with the Xaser III cases...... all being 80mm each... there's two at the front sucking inwards (across the harddrives) ... 2 at the side of the case towards the back which suck air inwards, supposedly helping to cool the pci cards and cpu heatsink..... then there's 2 fans at the rear blowing air outward (exhaust) ...... and lastly... a fan at the top of the case sucking air in.....

putting my hand behind the rear exhaust fans.. they are certainly throwing some very warm air out... so they must be working to an extent? ...


Originally Posted by ral
By the way could you tell us what case fans you have and whether they are intake or exhasut fans.

dem 5th April, 2004 07:22 AM

Ricochet, try reversing the top case fan to exhaust.

Staz 5th April, 2004 05:05 PM

yep. the top should exaust out. Also the Nf7-S tends to read the temps high.

Try updateing to the lates bios and then use MBM5 to read your temps and see what you get. Also you could try touching the base of the HSF and seeing if it is warm to the touch or hot to the touch.

IVIoI3iuS 8th April, 2004 09:56 AM

Sandra 2k4 from SiSoft isn't a bad idea to monitor temps and such either. Of course, just about everyone knows of it...

It's a good idea to balance intake with exhaust. Also, is it possible you have something between the hsf and the cpu (a thermal probe or something)?

I've always been a fan of Swiftech hs's. Also, has a nice little funnel to hook 120mm fans to 80mm hs's. I used to have a big-ass Vantec Tornado on my hs, and it was loud as hell... I got a 120mm fan on there and it purrs like a kitten, and keeps temps around the same mark for half the dB's. Definitely worth looking into.

XeroHouR 8th April, 2004 04:14 PM

yea, heat rises, so you should put the top fan as an exhaust.

I've had some serious success with my top 120mm fan blowing cool air in, but i have a differnt setup.

the side fan I have is an intake, the bottom fan i have is an exhaust. Using incense I watched my airflow, and I have almost 2 seperate paths, the air goes in the front through the dual 80's, and tward my Giant III on my video card, then out the bottom and a little bit out the back. The top 120mm blows air down through the whole case to get more air to the video, and into the stream going to the back. This gets a lot of air to my vantec tornado on my cpu. I will be reversing it to see what kind of case temps and more importantly cpu temps I get.(Before I go into water cooling :P)

scottman 27th April, 2004 10:55 AM

replace all the case fans cause there **** i have a Xaser III to i have replaced all but 1 cause of the poor air flow get some LED ones or look up the bests 80mm fan and get 7 of them the TT one 1 to lower noise not move air

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