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whatever 20th May, 2004 04:11 PM

I bought two pumps
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my old pump #2 broke so I had to look for one.. but the crazypc store stopped carrying what I was looking for. Finally found a place where they have it and for real good price and location.

Bought Two maxijet MP1200 at Premium Aquatics. $19.95 each!! The MP900 used to run $35 at and item is no longer available. Ordered them online for regular UPS ground shipping and got here in ONE DAY, woah nice. :)


- Power Consumption = 20w
- Flow rate = 295 GPH
- Pumping Height = 69"
- Inlet & Outlet is rotatable
- Designed for submerging

performs very close to Swiftech MCP300 and smaller in size, also they do not break. i love it..


whatever 20th May, 2004 04:17 PM

So now I could get back to my project. With the help of MP1200, got new result with my Barton and GeForce3 ti200 3dmark score. muahahahahaha

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