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XeroHouR 27th April, 2005 06:35 AM

Lets talk pressure drops.
I'm contemplating my new water setup. I have a 120mm radiator, I think that I've finally devised a way to mount it to my rig. I'm beginning to wonder its effectiveness in completely cooling off my Venice when I get it. Its a radiator(not heatercore) approxamitly a black ice pro. I'm going with a very low flow fan on it, maybe 2 if I can get another silent one to mount on the other side. This is because my new rig should be almost silent, w/o a fan controller. Now my question pertains to flow. I have a Cathar G4 block, and I'm trying to get as much flow as possible, because of the way the block works. I know my ehiem 1250 is a powerful pump and everything, but I'm considering running more than one radiator if the 120 isn't enough.

I'd like to use 2 80mm's as they can mount right to the 2 I have needlessly at the bottom powersupply spot. Would this harm my flow enough that it would end up performing worse. Would the difference not be worth the money to add 2 80mm's? The whole system is only going to be cooling the processor, my 6800 is off the water, and I won't be putting more into it later. Anyone offer thier opinions on this? I'd prolly end up getting some cheap rads like these:

cadaveca 27th April, 2005 08:34 AM

you are cooling just the cpu? i'd take a 120, because the surface area is about the same, you don't have to add as much coolant(length of pipe), so probably easier on the pump,

I'm a newb when i comes to watercooling computers....but that cathar block NEEDS high flow. heck, if the pump doesn't work, i'll buy it off you. get a new one.

XeroHouR 27th April, 2005 09:16 AM

Lol well I was just using it on my preshott and 6800 with a bonneville core, it worked fine, kept the bugger under 50oC overclocked. Im mostly concearned with the effects of adding 2 80mms in addition to the 120mm if that'd help temps of the water more than the flow of the water lost helps transfer heat due to the impingent design of the block. I suppose I COULD try both lol.

cadaveca 27th April, 2005 09:26 AM

i'd say wait until the cpu gets installed. see if you are happy, or if you want to spend more. you can only get so cool on air/water. you could add rads and pumps till you got ambient(almostneed chilled air for that, really), but that's not gonna get you massive clocks. from what i have seen of venice, even on air it clocks pretty darn good.

XeroHouR 27th April, 2005 09:36 AM

yea, I'd just like to keep it nice and cool since I hope this is the last purchase I make for a while(we all know how well people like us stick to that lol) I guess I should just take what I can get outta this setup, I'm sure its gunna be more than fast enough for what I'll need it for.

cadaveca 27th April, 2005 09:57 AM

i am waiting for september, and dual prices to drop, as well as ram. then i'll see what's what, and get the highest bandwidth performing cpu i can, whatever it is.

Gizmo 27th April, 2005 11:07 PM

I'm running a dual 120mm heater core on mine. I had a single, and it was running between 5C and 7C above ambient on the water temp pulling 140W load (120W from the CPU and about 20W from the pump, near as I can figure). When I put the second core in place, the temp dropped to about 1C above ambient.

noorman 10th May, 2005 10:06 PM

and what about those fanless (large) radiators ... ?

only a waterpump in the whole system.

Kaitain 10th May, 2005 10:26 PM

I posted up an easy way to calculate pressure drops to an acceptable accuracy. If you find you have trouble with flow rates, put a second pump in the loop. I'd suggest putting one at the inlet of the radiator (or manifold for parallel radiators) and one ahead of the water block manifold. If you're concerned about having different pump ratings, or having them fighting, then stick a small (50ml) header on the inlet and outlet of the pumps to smooth things out.

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