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Daan27 10th March, 2006 12:04 AM

A7V400mx + Barton 2500+
Hello boys,

I have an barton 2500+ and a asus a7v400 mx mobo, it's not oc'd or anything but asus probe says the temperature is 62 degrees celsius. Isnt that a bit high?

When i OC it to 2,2 ghz its 70C. and becomes unstable.

I use a boxed cooler.

Any answers to why it gets so hot?

Thanks in advance.

JimF 13th March, 2006 01:17 AM

62 does seem a bit high - my Barton 2800 tends to go between 43 and 56 depending on loading and running time and runs at 2.2 with no apparent problems - this is on a quiet fan rather than stock. It all depends on the room temperature (mine is mid-20s) but you may need to look at your case cooling - unless you have a large rig there's generally a toaster pretending to be a graphics card right underneath the CPU.

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