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skool h8r 7th October, 2006 07:13 PM

1Kg+ CPU Cooler!
Hi all,
I've just seen a new cooler from a company called Titan. Weighing in at over 1Kg of pure cooling power, i present to you a Thermo-Electric and Heatpipe Cooler:

So, will we all be getting our A64's above the 3Ghz mark soon with these things? Possibly.


Favu 7th October, 2006 07:27 PM

I wouldn't use it tbh.

Gizmo 7th October, 2006 08:09 PM

"Thermal Resistance .12-.15 C/W"

I can get int that realm with a good air cooler and not have the extra power consumption of the TEC. I'm with Favu on this one.

Favu 7th October, 2006 08:19 PM

Not to mention the fact that having 1Kg+ hanging from your motherboard isn't going to be too much fun, and the two fans are not likely to be "almost silent" as they claim. Also, as Gizmo said the TEC will actually produce more heat trying to cool the CPU. So you end up with a warmer system overall.

tiamat63 8th October, 2006 02:31 AM

Cracked and bent mobo pcb is what I"m seeing from the weight of that beast...

XeroHouR 12th October, 2006 05:28 AM

first recordings showed that the temperatures were comperable to a medium range water cooling system. For $100 bucks, thats signifigently LESS than a decent water cooling system, its a good deal. And you don't have to worry about leaking, condensation, or too much power draw(astronomically high electric bills). Also it comes with a few clips to mount it removing some of the wieght, it clips to the powersupply housing and u can slowly tighten it. I'm not sure how you know its flush besides tightening it down, and then clipping some wieght off, but its been thought of.

skool h8r 12th October, 2006 08:28 AM

I only posted to let you guys know that these sorts of things exist. My thoughts about this are that they were designed for cases that are horizontally laid so the cooler isn't 'hanging' from the motherboard. So possibly designed for gaming servers but certainly not for gaming rigs which are mostly vertical.

XeroHouR 12th October, 2006 04:24 PM

nah, these are designed to go onto board that sit vertical. I've had these before, and my friend's sagged his board and looked like it was going to rip his socket off if he moved it wrong. This was an early model though, and I'm not sure if the mounting is better, but people use them all the time, so I doubt it will hurt it...

aghastpumpkin 12th October, 2006 10:47 PM

I disagree. Why pay $100 for it when I suspect an Arctic Freezer will do the same?

XeroHouR 13th October, 2006 12:27 AM

an arctic freezer will not cool that well

aghastpumpkin 13th October, 2006 03:35 PM

TECs are not the way to go if mounted on top of the CPU directly.

Samuknow 13th October, 2006 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by aghastpumpkin
TECs are not the way to go if mounted on top of the CPU directly.

I am not sure what you are saying. When TECs were first used there was a cold plate, the TEC, and then the cooler. The performance was good to great. Then when water came into the pic, sub ambient was a common thing.

aghastpumpkin 13th October, 2006 07:35 PM

In high end computers, such as Voodoo systems, TECs are used but not directly as part of the cpu cooler, if you know what I mean. They are used rather in conjunction with a full water cooling system and placed in a sealed, seperate part of the case so the heat on the other side of the ceramics has less of an effect on system temperatures.
An Arctic Freezer can cool very close to the capability of water cooling. A TEC does not represent good value for money. You can get a complete WC solution now for around £100, so why pay £70 for a TEC?
And with Arctic Freezers just £12, the justification of spending the extra £58 is going to have to mean temperatures dramatically better than a Freezer and therefore better than a cheap WC kit.

In essence, there are better cheaper solutions out there that still have superb cooling capabilities. And just look at the thing. How many motherboards will that fit on?

Samuknow 13th October, 2006 10:21 PM

Not to disagree. I have seen sub freezing TEC systems before....

aghastpumpkin 13th October, 2006 10:50 PM

And how much power would they need? Lots!!!

XeroHouR 14th October, 2006 07:08 PM

Uhh an arctic freezer is mearly a cpu cooler right? a heatsink? Now what's "worth the extra money" is as it has always been, in the eyes of the beholder. Bottom line here is that this will cool your CPU better than a normal heatsink. Air coolers will always be 10-20 degrees warmer than liquid at load. Idle temps aren't good at showing how well your heatsink cools. This Tec reduces that to say 5-10. So with zero risk(some people are terrified of water cooling), one could buy this and get that extra little bit of cooling. (If it reduces it 10oC, look at the difference between good air and good water, normally a $100+ difference, for 20oC?). Price per degree celcius and risk, this thing really isn't bad.

Incase you don't know, half the heatpipes cool the CPU, the other half cool the tec, the tec and pipes cool the cold plate(hot side). So if somehow the tec fails, you're still getting good heatpipe cooling. This tec is controlled and varies the fans and the power going to it for efficiencey and cooling.

aghastpumpkin 14th October, 2006 10:28 PM

Merely a CPU cooler?
No, more than that. It is by far the best around. It cools extremely close to the levels of low end water cooling.


Originally Posted by XeroHouR
get that extra little bit of cooling.

For an extra £58? That isn't good value for money. Tha fatc is this thing has a limited market.
Either your a limited overclocker who doesn't need or desire water cooling. A Freezer in this scenario will do you fine.
Or, you are an extreme overclocker who will do anything for those extra hertz. In this case, the TEC is still not the right option because your likely to go the full hog and get high end water cooling or phase change cooling.
I'm not aware of anyone who's willing to spend £70 for this. It isn't miles ahead of a Freezer yet a Freezer only costs £12, and if you really wanted to OC highly you'd just get WC or Phase Change, like I just said.

skool h8r 25th October, 2006 11:15 PM

Personally, you might as well get a peltier and end up with frost on your CPU. However, heatpipes (i believe this is phase change) are the cheap and effective way to go. Then you could always go liquid nitro. Just a question, how long would liquid nitrogen actually last if you were cooling your CPU with it?

XeroHouR 25th October, 2006 11:26 PM

I would say frost is never a good idea on ur cpu, and that pelt would run up a light bill like mad. This thing really isn't too terrible of an idea, I've nay-say'ed pelt coolign in the past after going through it myself, but this really is a decent idea. I do advocate watercooled pelts for video cards:) Im not sure what the deal with all this downvoting is for this.

Aedan 25th October, 2006 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by gizmo
I can get int that realm with a good air cooler and not have the extra power consumption of the TEC.

Something doesn't add up here. They claim a power consumption of 50W at full load. A 50W peltier won't pump very much heat - certainly not as much as a modern overclocked CPU.

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