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Holst 15th December, 2001 04:32 PM

Drive removal problems
Im trying to get my p3-600 up and running for my dad to use (and for some folding :))

In order to do this im giving him my 16gb IBM drive.
This used to be my main drive untill i bought a 45gb drive.

So this drive has allways been the primary master, although win2k is installed on the first partition of the slave drive.

This configuration has worked fine untill i unplugged the older drive.

Ive tried setting the newer drive to primary master in the bios and on the jumpers. Ive also tried running it as the slave (with no master drive)

I cant boot windows and it gives this error.

"cannot find NTLDR please press a key to reboot"

I assume that this file is needed to boot, so i did a search for it.
I found a couple of copys on my 45gb drive and two on the (now removed) 16gb.
They where both in the copy of the windows disk i keep on my drive.

How should i remove the drive so my dad can use it ?

I dont want to have to buy a new drive as ive got plenty of free drive space.

Thanks for any help.

Pinky 15th December, 2001 04:59 PM

I may be completely wrong here. I may not. My experience has been that the NT loader is stored on whatever was seen as the C: (regardless of which partition you installed the OS files to) at the time of installation. This is why it's recommended you keep the primary partition/C: and the OS together, so this doesn't happen. I have had the same struggles trying to fix NT loader issues in the past and ended up just working it all out before hand, I too could not find the files to edit... I suspect they're either part of an existing .ini file or the Kernell itself, dunno. I haven't bothered to look on Microsoft's site either, that may have the answer too...

Pinky 15th December, 2001 05:04 PM

As I find things I'll link to them...

win95/98 and NT removal

boot.ini configuration

ARC path config

Holst 15th December, 2001 08:20 PM

Thanks for the help Pinky, its very much appreciated.

Ive spent over a hour reading microsofts tech support and looking for other fixes. Ive tried lots of stuff and nothing has worked.

I dont want to have to reinsall win 2k yet again.
Would the system recovery disk procedure be able to fix this ?

Otherwise is there any way to reinstall windows without having to download the damned servioce packs again as it takes hours on my 56k connection and i cant be arsed.

Thanks yet again..

Holst 15th December, 2001 11:30 PM

I got pissed off and tried to reinstall windows via dos by running "winnt" from the copy of the win2k CD I have on my drive.

This was the method I used to install in the first place.

It copied the files to the drive, asked to reboot and then gave the ecact same NTLDR error.

Ive no idea what to do now, I think this problem may be outside my ability.

Im not going to reformatt my drive (the only other option I can think off) any other Ideas ?

Maybe this should be moved to the Operating systems section as its definately a windows problem.

surlyjoe 16th December, 2001 07:01 AM

make your self an NT boot disk and see if you can start it from that, If you can you need only change the boot.INI file to find the right sector

Holst 16th December, 2001 05:38 PM


Originally posted by surlyjoe
make your self an NT boot disk and see if you can start it from that, If you can you need only change the boot.INI file to find the right sector
Thanks m8.

Could you please explain in more detail exactly how to do this.

If i boot to DOS using a boot disk with NTFS installed then just copy boot.ini to the D:/
Then remove the other drive do you think that would work ?

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