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The Spyder 3rd January, 2002 06:33 AM

Fragged Raid 5 hardrive
Hey- im working on a raid 5 system--- its pretty kewl- but i fragged a hardrive (18gig) the last one, and i put in a new one........ and it rebuilt the info, but how did it rebuild the info-??? It confusing the crap out of me! Well- night night---

Aedan 3rd January, 2002 03:16 PM

RAID5 is designed to calculate parity on the data that's being written to disk. This extra parity information is striped across the disks in the same way as the data is striped. Should a single disk fail, then the missing data can be reconstructed via an XOR operation with the parity and the remaining data. That's why you lose a disk worth of storage on RAID5.

Running in degraded mode has a fairly serious impact in performance though.


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