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ffactoryxx 2nd December, 2004 10:25 PM

WTF! 160gb Hitachi bit the dust?
160gb SATA bit the dust? Maybe
I have a 160gb Hitachi oem 8mb SATA hd. The problem with the 160gb drive is right at the os splash screen the computer reboots. I then try to reload the os and when it say scanning hds or checking disks. It takes like 1 hour. I then try to reinstall or delete the old partition and it wont let me.Whats wrong? The computer ran fine for 3 months. Think its busted
The only time it reboots too is at the splash screen. I can ener bios, or whatever. BTW i do lod the sata drivers, so dont suggest that.

The motherboard is a MSI NEO2 Platinum Nforce3 and a a64

One day my brother just shut off his computer and turned it back on and it would reboot.

GrahamGarside 3rd December, 2004 12:22 AM

hitachi, aka ibm :) most people will tell you their drives are not the most reliable
i recomend you grab a copy of ultimate boot disc and run the diagnostics it has for your drive on it.

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