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The Spyder 3rd October, 2001 05:54 AM

Oh crap! Help!!!!!!!!!
k, i know this was a VERY VERY VERY stupid idea- but- i had 4 20gig u-100 and i bought an 100gig ibm- i needed to ghost Windows2000pro onto the new drive and then copy all the stuff to the 100 from the 20's. So i figured... why dont i use symantic ghost 6.5 enterprize.............. Welll, it worked till about 80 percent and then give an error saying that an incosistancy between the drives has occured... ************@$!$#@!%$$!)#^ UGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Well, i rebot, pull the ghost and i get bsod!!!!!!!!!!! ******* MAN! DUDE!THIS SUX! luckly this only had all my saved games and word docs and such....................... But the drives corrupted- how do i get it back????? I reinstalled 2000pro on the 100gig, but i want the info on the corrupted 20!!!!!!!!


theflycore 3rd October, 2001 01:32 PM

It's difficult to tell what you mean really. But you might be able to access the drive with a dos boot diskette if your partition is fat 32. If it's ntfs you could try the util ntfs to dos.

Ghosting disk to disk shouldn't affect the original partition at all. After all it's just reading the data from the drive.

Try running scan disk and anyother disk checker programs you can thing of.

Winkie 4th October, 2001 03:52 PM

I remember norton utilities having a disk analyser that'd do mainly the same

Pinky 6th October, 2001 05:02 PM

I think part of the ghost image is that it detects the drive size and matches this to drive being ghosted. If they don't match, it halts. This prevents people from imaging an app loaded OS (like I have) and putting online for others to download.

This is also why you see corporations buy exact model workstations, so when they ghost the machines with their corporate image they don't run into this issue.

Therefore, you would not be able to use a 20GB drive image on your new 100GB drive.

theflycore 7th October, 2001 04:06 AM

I donno about that.

I ghost drives at work all the time with a master image lets say for an 815 chipset loaded with windows and all the other progs needed for the hospital. Drive to drive, partition to drive. Different drive sizes. Whatever need be.

Drive size does seem to be bothered by the ghost i'm running. 6.1 corp

surlyjoe 14th October, 2001 01:44 PM

V-com Copy Commander has a feature to expand the old partitions to fit the new drive size, Thats the only one I know of that does it. not sure if it works though???

CNUCompGuy 4th November, 2001 07:34 PM

Y don't u try an easy technique that I use all the time, lol. Since you have 2000 loaded on the 100GB drive, y don't u just slave any other drives u wanna get info from and copy it over....I have never had a problem doin this even with corrupted drives....once or twice I wasn't able to get a few files from a corrupted drive, but they weren't important, so I didn't care....hope this helps ya, ttyl!!:p :D ;)

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