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CoreyX64 17th March, 2010 10:42 PM

Agreed. Looks on the outside are [B]DEFINITELY[B] deceiving to what's actually on the inside.

- Corey -

CoreyX64 6th April, 2010 04:57 PM

Bad news :(

Originally Posted by booman (Post 503882)
You nailed it!
I have seen it over and over with Toshiba, Dell, HP, EMachine and the list goes on.
But I can't convince people to build their own and actually purchase decent hardware that will last them over a decade.....
But at the same time, techs need to make a living....

Hi all,

Got an email from the Laptop tech today with the bad news I did NOT want to hear. It seems as though HP has OFFICIALLY defeated the mighty power of the local repair shop. Here is what he has to say:

"Hi - sorry it took so long to get back to you!

We've disassembled/reassembled the unit a couple of times and tried again all of our tech components with no result. Likely the solution lies in an interaction of components which is nigh impossible to narrow down.

At this point if you just wanted to pick the unit up we would not charge you a diagnostic as we were unable to provide you with a definitive answer. I might recommend harvesting the parts and perhaps EBaying them - in particular the LCD screen should fetch a pretty penny."

I am picking it up today so I can put it back on the dissection tray (my workbench) and experiment with it.

I love HP products, but I will never forgive them for this nightmare. NEVER.

For those of you who are curious, I took it to my local PC shop, called LAPuTOPia. (LAPuTOPia) I live in Toledo so this is the closest near me. Very creative name, and the guys there know their stuff. They said I followed all of the right procedures and this is simply a fault of HP. He recommended Toshibas and Lenovos as the better laptops. I still have a 4.5yr old Toshiba that still works great. never had to tear it apart for anything (besides HDD/RAM upgrade)

Owell. Battle has ended. HP has won. To add to the painful irony, this message is being typed on an HP DV-4 notebook PC! (sorry, had to throw that in ;)

Thanks for the help everyone and sorry that i couldn't help any1 else get theirs fixed. I will still keep AOA bookmarked if i need any other tech help for other things.

- Corey -

chrisbard 7th April, 2010 07:11 AM

A friend of mine from an institution bought 20 Toshiba's after talking to me. While Toshiba's aren't perfect at least when sent back to repairs they come back working fine and they don't have to be resent again and again and again. He wanted to go for HP and I just explained to him what the risk is. I just hope more will do the same. HP has failed once more !!!

cloasters 7th April, 2010 08:37 PM

What a tale of woe caused by HP. Watch how much HP gear I buy. Hint, no need to keep your eyes open!

booman 8th April, 2010 12:52 AM

Never toss those parts out. It can be a paper weight for now, but you may have use for the RAM, CPU, fans etc. in the future to repair a friends laptop.

I wonder if there is a short on the motherboard somewhere. I've always been concerned about "shorts" when it comes to laptops because with a battery they don't seem properly "grounded". So if something shorts the motherboard, how do you troubleshoot it?

Good luck anyways, I hope you learned something after all of this. well, besides don't purchase HP's anymore.

pp_eagle 17th July, 2010 07:01 PM

Any news?

Originally Posted by CoreyX64 (Post 503876)
I found a solution from a user on the HP forums. I didnt try it yet since i dont have it in my possession but i sent it to the laptop tech just as kind of a pointer. he's never seen this problem before so i figured he would appreciate the tips.

This particular HP user states that the following procedure (tested multiple times) FIXES the problem: (quoted below)

"First I take out all the ram and then turn it on. (of course it will not work)
Turn it off.
Then take out the processor and turn it on. (careful)
Turn off.
Put the processor back in and turn it on.(still no work)
Turn off.
Put the ram back in and turn on."

He (the HP forum user) claims this works, but i find it hard to believe that it would, simply with a special sequence of HW changes. but like they say, Extreme situations call for extreme measures. This is most certainly an extreme situation. Nobody would have thought that this would work, but maybe it does who knows.
I sent that guy's suggestion to the tech rep at the laptop repair shop. He told me that he has another laptop to repair just like mine (DV7 instead of DV5, but still same series) that has the same issue. His reply is quoted below:

"Hi Corey - thanks for your email!

It turns out that swapping the CPU for the DV7 we were working on for another customer actually did the trick.

I will go back through the diagnostic procedures for your DV5 and see if I can tell you anything new. Will try the method in that link, though if it entails ripping the laptop open every time it decides to fail, it may become quite tiresome for you.

I will let you know what happens! Thanks!"

What he is saying is he took MY processor and placed it in another customers DV7 and it fixed the blink issue. This puts another whole twist on the problem. the CPU is clearly not the issue, yet HP says it is.

Also for kicks, refer to this article from HP about blink codes. According to them the CPU is bad. Clearly not, in my case.
LINK: lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3795326

That is all the info i have for you so far. will keep you posted on anything new.

Hello everybody at AOA forums! This is my first post.

I am experiencing the same problem than you. Mine is a laptop HP Pavilion DV5-1150em. Months ago, it started to overheat (more than before), and shutdown automatically, when got very hot (CPU temp close to 100ÂșC).

One day last week, it didn't boot up. Leds blinking at caps lock + scroll lock (1 blink at a time, what means CPU failure according HP web).

I ordered another processor (AMD, same type), and I tried it yesterday. Same result. Leds blinking, same code.

After more and more googling, I landed here (AOA), and today I have tried CoreyX64 solution. It has worked !!! Great !!! I could enter Windows 7, see my pictures, and so on.

But, after the first reboot, it didn't want to boot up again. Same scenario. No booting up, nothing at the screen, and leds blinking, same blinking code.

It hasn't surprised me so much, cause I had read that this solution only lasted 2-3 days (in my case, 45 minutes).

Does anybody know a definitive solution for this problem? I'm close to order a new motherboard, but I'm not sure whether this is the defective component or not.

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards from Spain,

booman 17th July, 2010 07:45 PM

looks like there is no TRUE solution for this motherboard problem. Its just another one of those laptop manufacturer malfunctions for a certain model. I would not recommend replacing the motherboard unless its under warranty.
Maybe you could get a "bare bones" kit on ebay and reuse your CPU, Memory and anything else that still works on the laptop

hpfail 14th August, 2010 01:11 AM

HP Pavillion dv5z
I am facing the same issue. I don't have much to add, but thought I would report this anyway.

My wife's laptop stopped working all of a sudden. The LED code indicated it was 'CPU not functional' issue. I tried removing the battery and holding on to power switch for few minutes, re-seating memory and later CPU. Nothing worked. I kept it on for few minutes and checked the heat sink. It was cold to the touch, and so was the CPU.

Since nothing I did could bring it back to life, I took the laptop to a local repair shop. They replaced the CPU, with no improvements. They told me the issue is very likely due to the BGA shorting and it would be $245 to fix the issue. They were real nice and told me I don't have to pay anything if I don't decide to have them fix the issue.

I am taking the laptop back, since I can assemble in a new PC for $300 or buy a cheap netbook for now. Few youtube videos indicate heating up the GPU may fix the problem. I will try that once I get the laptop. But from all the reports, it stops to work after a couple of days. So it does look like there is no permanent fix !

PS: Since I am not paying the shop, I can't ask much details about what exactly they mean by 'BGA issue'.

arlokvtec 7th June, 2013 11:27 PM

Hey man, i was in the same boat but i fix it.

The problem is the same thing that happens with pavilion dv6000's and dv2000's, the videochip overheat and the soldering cracks..

So you have to reflow it! check on youtube " dv6000 black screen " or "dv6000 reflow" and you gonna find tons of step by step videos..

I got the black screen, beeping and caps lock blinking.

What i usually do is take the motherboard off the case.. take the heatsink/fan off... find the videochip, usually is next to the processor.

Clean the thermal paste from the processor and heatsink.

next: put thermal paste on the videochip, take a 25 cents coin(money), put the quarter on top of the videochip with the thermal paste.

next: put a round piece of solder wire on top of the quarter.

next:get a heatgun(not hairgun!) and with a round movement on the quarter, remember in always moving the heatgun of you will damage the board, do a round moviment until the quarter melt all the way, like a liquid..

next: turn off the heat gun and DO NOT TOUCH THE BOARD!! leave the board for like 10 minutes.

Next: assemble the laptop again and you done.

I just did that and it worked. DATE:06-07-2013 Time:6:25PM Hideaki...

Daniel ~ 8th June, 2013 08:14 PM

Way better to be late than to never know! Thanks arlokvtec!

surlyjoe 26th June, 2013 06:36 AM

how did I miss this?..

Arlokvtek is spot on. I dealt with a dozen or so of these and was sending em back to HP as they had exteded the warranty on all models with the faulty vid chips. eventually I got them to send out a new notebook of a different model with about the same performance, but it took over a year and counless hours on the phone with HP to get them all replaced...

I think they all got some class action cash too, but it wasn't much..:rolling:

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