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Pandaz3 20th November, 2013 07:47 AM

Replaced everything, but the right thing!
Well I had a less than a year old build. Gigabyte 990FX, 8350, 7970 16 Gig Ram, Crucial 256 M4 SSD Win 8 Pro, Samsung 27", and it started acting poorly with the display and would just quit at times, At various times whiletrouble shooting I blame Win 8, the Video card (Replaced the XFX 7970 with a new Sapphire 7970) did not solve the problem. replaced the 1200W Coolermaster PSU with a lesser wattage one of same make, that did not solve the problem. I replaced the the motherboard with a ASRock Fatal1ty (That did not work either and now I could not even get it to post.

I took the whole mess to the shop that sold me the new ASRock, they could not get it to post and they RMA'd the board. a good while later the new board came in and it posted and all seemed fine. I brought it home and while it posted the old intermittent fade and quitting came back and with an additional problem in that the computer would not restart from windows.

I finally remembered having a Monitor problem some years before and tried a second monitor. Hmmmm it's working! turns out that the separate power supply for the Samsung Monitor failed. I just ordered one from Amazon and all was much better.

So that problem was cured, but I was now plagued with restarting issues and discovered that was a deadly combo of My new board's early UEFI Bios, Win 8, and a Crucial Firmware update. Crucial did know about the problem and was pretty helpful. I upgraded to yet another motherboard, ASUS 990FX Sabertooth R 2.0, and removed half the 32 gig Ram. Firmware updated, Win 8.1 Pro seems to love me and all is really right with this machine now.

Just saying try a different monitor if you can when you are troubleshooting

PS No motherboards were harmed or orphaned. At least not those mentioned, a couple of 939 machines had there boards removed, replaced and retired. but all the 990FX boards are in use.

I was given a green light to do some wholesale upgrading and brother did I.

Looking at the systems in my Sig below, My #1 there is now connected to my TV with a 7970 in it, and the other MSI K9A2 CF has a 6 core 1090, but is "In reserve" (This is the very same board that I had smoke and flmes coming out of a few years ago, MSI repaired the very same board, works great.)

Gizmo 21st November, 2013 07:46 AM

Yeah, sometimes verifying with another piece of known good equipment can be a big help. Unfortunately, we don't always have another piece of known-good laying around to experiment with.

Thanks for sharing the info! :thumbsup:

booman 17th December, 2013 07:41 PM

Man, you described my "worst case scenario"
That is... spending hours replacing parts and RMAing parts.
That really sucks, but every time I have to do all this trial-n-error troubleshoting, I learn something new.
So its never a waste and if you have success, then it was worth it.
Just sucks having to spend so much time messing around totally blind.

Good post Pandaz!

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