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danrok 2nd December, 2008 05:17 PM

Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs
See front page:
AOA - Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs


Pitch 2nd December, 2008 05:20 PM

Macs don't get Virii!

robbie 2nd December, 2008 06:26 PM


Daniel ~ 2nd December, 2008 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by Pitch (Post 485537)
Macs don't get Virii!

Maybe this is just a nasty bacterial infection? ":O}

Aedan 3rd December, 2008 09:40 AM

The issue Apple is concerned about is based around JavaScript rootkits - which are becoming more common. They don't necessarily need anything installed on the computer, so there's no files to virus scan...

Daniel ~ 3rd December, 2008 06:53 PM

Ah, more than one way to peel an apple...Sorry you mac guys are losing your safe harbour...sigh...

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