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danrok 30th October, 2004 06:42 PM

iPod Photo
Specs here:

A 2" LCD screen? Quite disappointing, I would have liked to have seen a screen size of about 3". To be honest I don't understand where they are coming from with this.

My eye is now back on this one:

fantomfreq 30th October, 2004 08:18 PM

I too think it's a little odd to just put just photo support on the ipod, but I have a little bit of feedback on the Arcos. Keep in mind that the model that I'm referring to is a year and a half old; they may be much better by now.

My friend had an Arcos a year or two back. It seemed great at first look with video and audio. However, there were a few key fallbacks of the thing. The first thing you noticed about it was that it was heavy. If you're interested in just dropping it into any pants pocket you can find and walking around town all day with it (like I do with my iPod) the Arcos isn't for you. I imagine that the new ones are lighter, but the screen size would still make them quite large for a pocket. Second, the things took forever to even start up (25-30 seconds, if I remember correctly.) The Arcos was also slow to respond to commands, taking a while to bring up any queued video and making it hard to just browse a person's library. Lastly, the Arcos only had a ~2 hour battery life. I see that this has improved, but the 4 hour life of the new ones still needs to be improved.

My conclusion is this: the Arcos and iPod are ideal for two different types of people. Frequent pedestrians (ex. college students) love the iPod because it's small, light and at present the battery lasts enough for a full day of music. People who see video as the critical part of their machine should pick the Arcos as long as they don't mind sacrificing a little bit of portability.

Recommendation: I don't know what your wants are in a machine, but (if you haven't already) try the Arcos before you buy one.

danrok 30th October, 2004 08:50 PM

I'm not so interested in the portable music side of things. I listen to music at home and in the car, so no real need for an iPod.

I can appreciate the mini iPod as a personal music player. But, as you suggest just putting photo support on what is basically an iPod doesn't make much sense. The screen is too small to be of any real use - for me anyhow.

All I really need is a good sized but portable screen which I can check photos with as I take them. If a photo is slightly out of focus it is hard to see that on the camera's own LCD.

I posted this under the photography section because I am criticising it from a photography point of view. I guess that this product isn't targeted at photographers. Who it is targeted at I'm not sure. Just a fashion accessory?

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