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erik21d 5th December, 2002 02:14 AM

8RDA+ and PCI Raid Card...
Hello all!! :D

Got a question for ya. I installed my new 8RDA+ and Highpoint RocketRAID 1520 pci card yesterday. I have 2 120GB WD SE hard drives hooked up to it.

Now heres the problem, I can't get the computer to boot into windows unless I put a windows cd in the dvd drive. :confused: I have tried all the different boot options and I have "Boot Other Device" enabled. But it just stays after the "IRQ page." Anyone have an idea to what might be my problem?

Hard drive performance in Windows Xp is great btw, according to Sandra ;)

Daniel ~ 5th December, 2002 02:21 AM

Now that's just plain weird! I have no idea why this should happen...but someone will! Try disabling the "Boot Other Device".

Good luck and welcome to our forums erik21d!

erik21d 5th December, 2002 02:27 AM

Thanks :)

BTW I have the newest BIOS also for both the raid card and mobo.

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