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Crozet 9th December, 2002 02:52 AM

8RDA+ and Samsung RAM
I bought this Mainboard a few days ago.Im generaly satisfied but it seems to have a problem.It doesnt like Samsung RAMs.I have 2 sticks of original CB3 Samsungs and the only FSB they reach is 166 Mhz.No step further.Since i know that my RAM-modules can go easily 180 (on my former 8K3A and on ASUS A7N8X ,that i had for a few days but gived it away for buying the 8RDA !) and im not the only person with such "problems" ,i wondering what i should do :confused:
Maybe you ET can give a answer or a hint : Should i buy a other RAM or should i wait for a BIOS update from your side?
I hope you will answer.This is my 4th EPoX Board in a row!

mookydooky 9th December, 2002 02:55 AM

Are you running it SPD? Or are you manually configuring it?

muzz 9th December, 2002 03:03 AM

I don't know about a problem with Samsung.. look at this. Pretty impressive for 2700.

Crozet 9th December, 2002 03:52 AM


Are you running it SPD? Or are you manually configuring it?
SPD,Sync ...the timings are not the problem.


I don't know about a problem with Samsung.. look at this. Pretty impressive for 2700.
I dont doubt about that.Maybe they have other moduls as mine.
That im not not the only with Samsung issues you can see for example here : (its in german).

My Samsung have the following codes :
Samsung Korea 0224
(that on the sticker)

Samsung 223
(on the chips)

They are single-sided.
Like i mentioned they hit easily 180 on 8K3A and Asus A7N8X.


goldie 9th December, 2002 06:55 AM

Hi All,

It appears the learning curve is a little higher on this board than most. I'm running a 2700+ @ 12x200 1.7 volts w/ 2 CTL Samsung sticks in slots 1 & 3 @ 2.7 volts. Timings are set to Expert, 7,3,3,2.5. I am prime 95 stable. I did try 204 fsb but got a little flaky. Ram doesn't seem like it likes more voltage so till I play w/ it some more here's where I sit. I can run 6,2,2,2 up till 188 fsb but my Sandra scores are lower. My chipset was running hot to the touch (not quite blistering so I bought a 40x40 mm fan @ Radioshack for $10.00 and its much cooler now (I really think a fan on the chipset should be standard). I believe that helped my higher fsb. I did get some corruption @ 211 so till I have a good image I'm not trying that again.
I also was not shutting down properly till I installed SP1 for xp and unified 2.0 drivers. However green power lite not working.
I like the board, great sound, I think thru mutual cooperation (forum & techs) and bios updates it will turn out to be very good board.........goldie

Galifrey 9th December, 2002 07:02 AM

dont run em at SPD they dont seem to like that on this motherboard...

Crozet 9th December, 2002 07:17 AM


...w/ 2 CTL Samsung sticks...
Maybe you can give the exact codes from your memory?
I guess the "problem" is with some specific chips only.
Mine are about 5 month old, dont know if have something to do with that.
In the meanwhile i founded out that my system isnt working stable even at 166.After a few hours of work it goes down suddenly! The screen wents black and then it simply makes a restart! Im pretty sure that it has to do with the memory sticks.
I hope ET can help here.

goldie 9th December, 2002 03:57 PM

Same sticks as yours, mine are week 16. You need to adjust timings to get better results, ie Expert, 7,3,3,2.5 .........goldie

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